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Important Verbs 2

verbs from chapters 6-10

loger to stay
séjourner to stay
compter to plan, to count on
monter to bring up, carry up
descendre to bring down, carry down
mettre to turn on
augmenter to turn up, raise
baisser to turn down, lower
servir to serve
appeler to call
réveiller to wake
se sentir to feel
se porter bien to be in good health
faire mal to hurt
tousser to cough
vomir to throw up
éternuer to sneeze
saigner (du nez) to bleed (from the nose)
avaler to swallow
respirer to breathe, to breathe in
se reposer to rest
se soigner to take care of oneself
croire to believe
craindre to fear, to be afraid of
plaindre to be sorry for
se plaindre de to complain about
peindre to paint
éteindre to turn off, to extinguish
se brûler to get burned
se fouler to twist
se fracturer to fracture
prendre un pot to have something to frank in a café
rencontrer meet by chance, run into
faire le connaissance de meet for the first time
faire un tour to take a stroll/walk
se donner rendez-vous to agree to meet
se rencontrer meet each other
se retrouver meet each other
donner rendez-vous make a date
éprouver to feel
aimer bien to like
aimer to love
tomber amoureux de to fall in love with
avoir le coup de foudre pour to fall in love with at first sight
s'entendre bien to get along with
être d'accord to agree with
se réconcilier to make up with
se disputer to have an argument
avoir une dispute to have a dispute
se quereller to have a fight
se fâcher to be upset at
rompre to break up with
féliciter to congratulate
se réjouir to be happy
plaindre to feel sorry for
naître to be born
grandir to grow up
se faire de amis to make friends
vivre to live
se fiancer to get engaged
se marier to get married
se séparer to separate
divorcer to get divorced
se remarier to remarry
gagner sa vie to earn a living
obtenir to get
prendre sa retraite to retire
vieillir to grow old
mourir to die
gagner sa vie to earn a living
se spécialiser en to major in
rechercher to look for, search
embaucher to hire
offrir to offer
classer to file
se servir de to use
conduire to drive
Created by: nstag