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Mississippi History

History Exam Review Sheet #3

Trail of Tears a trail that Indians followed when they were forced out of the state
Antebellum anything in MS that occurred before the Civil War
Jefferson College first college in MS
Jackson's military road a road from Nashville to New Orleans that Jackson made while going to fight the British in new Orleans
3 Chopped Way a road through the southwest from Natchez to AL est. in 1807
Indian land cessions 5 treaties from 1801-1832 when the Indians ceded their land in MS: treaty of fort adams (1801), treaty of mount dexter (1805), Treaty of 1816, Treaty of Doak's Stand (1820), Treaty of Pontotoc (1832)
Thomas Hinds politician in MS; major cavalry in war of 1812; named Hinds county after him
King Cotton nickname for cotton since it was such a mojor cash crop in MS
french: 1st to settle, Spanish: 1st to explore, British: came later & took land early exploration
Lefleur's bluff capital of MS, later the name was changed to Jackson
N.B. Forrest Confederate general; KKK founder; Wizard of the Saddle, true rebel
Lamar wrote MS Declaration of Secession
War of 1812 US vs England; in MS area mostly US vs Creek Indians
slavery in MS harsh, cruel captivity of black ppl and forcing them to work and be sold as property
French Black Codes passed by Bienville in 1724, protected slaves
overseer ran plantation
slave driver in charge of a certain team of slaves , helped overseer
abolitionist a person who helped slaves and was against slavery
Uncle Toms Cabin book written by abolitionist Harriette Beecher Stowe to convince people that slavery was wrong and to inform people how slavery really was
specie hard money like gold or silver that backed up paper money
MS Black Codes kept slaves in MS in line
Waverly one large plantation in MS
Franklin Academy first free public school; in Columbus, built in 1821
John Brown led an unsuccessful slave revolt
Missouri Compromise Maine was admitted into the Union as a free state and Missouri was admitted in as a slave state
Compromise of 1850 California was admitted into the Union as a free state and all the other land in that area was allowed popular sovereignty
Quitman MS governor; fireater; FOR secession
Montgomery 1st capital of the Confederacy
Garrison wrote the Liberator (abolitionist)
Republican party against slavery; formed in 1850
Abe Lincoln 16th president of the US; republican
necessary evil, ordained in the Bible, and states rights name the 3 defenses for slavery
Shiloh battle fought in TN; bloodiest battle fought on American soil
Jan. 9,1861 date MS seceded from Union (2nd state after S.C. to do so)
Vicksburg battle fought in Vicksburg; last stronghold for Conf. on MS River
A.S Johnston Conf. Gen who died day 1 of Shiloh
blockade south, split Confederacy and take MS River, and take Richmond 3 steps to Anaconda plan
Pemberton conf. general at Vicksburg
J. Johnston conf. general at Canton who never met up with pemberton
Beauregard Conf general who took over for AS Johnston at Shiloh
Buell Union general who came down from memphis late to Shiloh with 40,000 men
Hornet's Nest sunken road that Conf had to cross- after 6 hours of fighting they finally made it through
Pittsburg Landing a landing where the Union was set up near Shiloh
Created by: kmccormack