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Constitutional Amendments

1st Freedom of religion, speech, press, peaceably assemble
2nd Right of the people to keep and bear arms
3rd No soldier quartered in civilian homes during time of peace
4th No unreasonable search and seizure, warrants on probable cause and description of location and people or things to be seized
5th Not subject to same crime twice, can’t testify against oneself, not deprived of life or property w/out due process, property can’t be taken w/out compensation
6th Right to speedy and public trial by jury, be informed of nature of accusation and confront witness, right to counsel
7th In suits of common law where value is over $20, may ask for a jury trial
8th No excessive bail to be set. No cruel or unusual punishment
9th The enumeration of some rights doesn’t mean other rights don’t exist, they’re just not listed
10th Powers not delegated to the US government by the Constitution or denied to the States, are reserved to the States or the People
11th 1798 – no citizen of another state or country can file suit in federal court, has to be state court. Changes Article III section 2
12th 1804 – sets up Electoral College
13th 1865 - abolish slavery, Congress has power to enforce
14th 1868 – any person born or naturalized is a citizen; no state can deny equal rights under the law. Any male over 21 may vote. No one in Confederate states could be part of govmt unless 2/3rds vote to repeal (which was done in 1898). US promised to pay all
15th 1870 – right to vote cannot be denied due to race, color, or previous servitude. Congress has power to enforce this
16th 1913 – income tax
17th 1913 – sets up Senate – 2/state, 6 year terms, voted by people changes Article 1 section 3
18th 1919 – prohibited liquor, repealed by 21st Amendment
19th 1920 - right to vote cannot be denied due to person’s sex
20th 1933 – term of Pres and Vice-Pres begin on Jan 20th, the Congress begins on Jan 3rd. Congress must meet at least once a year beginning Jan 3rd. If Pres isn’t confirmed lets Congress select one for interim. If vote for President doesn’t have majority of el
21st 1933 – repealed 18th Amendment. States had right to prohibit liquor
22nd 1951 – limited Presidential term to 2 terms
23rd 1961 – gave District of Columbia right to Electoral college vote
24th 1964 – prohibits poll tax
25th 1967 – Sets up Presidential and Vice-Presidential succession. Pres, Vice-Pres, Pres pro tempore, Speaker of the House
26th 1971 – Voting age to 18
27th 1992 – No change in pay for Congress/Senate takes affect until next election cycle
Created by: nlwood