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S.S. Semester Test

What happened to Narvaes on his journey with Cabeza de Vaca? Narvaez ignored de Vaca led a failed exploration and was lost in a hurricane
What skill did Sam Houston posses at the end of revolution? Commitment
What year did Texas become an independent republic? 1836
The "Six Flags of Texas" include all of the following except....... England
How did Native Texans respond to life in the Spanish missions? They rebelled against this lifestyle
What year did Pineda map the coastline of Texas? 1519
What explorer shipwrecked in Matagorda Bay while searching for Mouth of Mississippi River? La Salle
Why is 1845 significant? Tx was annexed by U.S.
In 2007 what percentage of population was Hispanic/Latino? 36
In determining lifestyle of American indians in early Tx, what would provide the best info? Artifacts
How is republicanism reflected in Us and Tx constitutions? Both elect representatives to legislatures
El Paso and San Antonio reflect language of.... Spain
What is a way Tejanos have NOT maintained cultural heritage while adapting to American culture? Some have abandoned a agricultural lifestyle
What is one major influence of Mexican immigrants on the culture of Tx? introducing distinctive architecture
Which democratic principle of the Tx constitution reflects the will of the people? popular sovereignty
What is a effect of the mission presidio system in Tx? Spanish communities grew around the missions as the Spanish culture influenced Tx.
"The final act in this great drama is now preformed; the Republic of Tx is no more." What year did Anson Jones say this? 1845
Created by: kelseythomas