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late 20s/early 30s

buying on margin buying more stocks than you can afford, going into debt with bank and having to sell your belongings
hoover did for america hoover dam, reconstruction finance corp, smoot-hawley tariff: raise taxes on imported goods
dust bowl causes loose topsoil, bad farming techniques, drought, over planting wheat
three r's relief, recovery, reform
speculation buying stocks you don;t know about, taking a risk on it. "buy low, sell high"
CCC Civilian Conservation Corps. provided jobs for men ages 18-25 to provide for their families, helped environmental things and built roads and planted trees and whatever
FDIC federal deposit insurance corporation, guaranteed safety/recovery of a person's deposit account. If you lose your money you will get it back.
AAA pay farmers not to plant on parts of their land. less expensive for farmers. raised crop prices. rested the land. bam
TVA Tennessee valley authority, rovide navigation, flood control, electricity generation, fertilizer manufacturing, and economic development in the Tennessee Valley. provided jobs for many people
PWA public works administration, built large scale public works such as dams, bridges, hospitals, and schools
NRA national recovery administration, brought industry, labor and government together to create "fair practices", declared unconstitutional
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