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history chpt. 10

Imperialism stronger nations attempt to create empires by dominating weaker nations-economically politically culturally or militarily.
nationalism devotion to one’s nation.
annex join a new territory to an existing country.
banana republics Central American nations.
What were banana republics? How did they get their name? 1913, Keith’s United Fruit Company not only exported 50 million bunches of bananas a year to the United States, it also Played a significant role in the governments and economies of Costa Rica, Guatemala, and Honduras.
What continent led the way in imperializing foreign lands? Which nations were played the biggest role in this imperialization? Europe was the continent that led the way in imperializing foreign lands. The nations that played the biggest role in this imperialization were Germany, Great Britain, France.
What is the Monroe Doctrine? United States would oppose efforts by any outside power to control a nation in the Western Hemisphere. Its basically like an alliance because they would try to stop any efforts by other outside powers to take over a nation in the western Hemisphere.
Who were the Cuban rebelling against during the Cuban Rebellion? What was the cause of this rebellion? Which side wanted the U.S. to intervene in this conflict? rebelling against spain. cubans wanted U.S. to intervene. they were rebelling because the economy collapsed and they didnt like spain telling them what to do
How did American newspapers use of yellow journalism help swing public opinion in support of U.S. intervention in Cuba? made spain look bad so we would help cuba.
Explain how the following steps helped lead to the Spanish-American War: - The de Lome letter helped lead to the Spanish- The explosion of the U.S.S. Maine- Preparing in the Philippines President McKinley’s war message letter is The Spanish bad mouthed our President. uss main we blamed spain and said they blew it up. preparing the phil. made other raising nationalism against spain. and mckinleys war message remember the main was the wars battle cry.
Exactly what did the losing nation have to concede to the winner? Spain had to sign the Treaty of Paris with the U.S. The Spanish government recognized Cuba’s independence. In return for a payment of 20 million dollars, Spain also gave up the Philippines, Puerto Rico, and the Pacific island of Guam to the U.S.
What did the United States want from China? Open Door Policy for us and China because it gave them equal access to China’s millions of consumers.
Arbitration settlement of a dispute by a person or panel chosen to listen to both sides and come to a decision.
jingoism intense burst of national pride and the desire for an aggressive foreign policy.
Platt Amendment stipulated that the Cuban government could not enter any foreign agreements, must allow the United States to establish naval bases as needed on the island.
Spheres of influence areas of economic and political control in China.
Open Door Policy would give United States equal access to China’s millions of consumers.
concession a grant for a piece of land i exchanged for a promise to use the land for a specific purpose.
Roosevelt Corollary extension of a previously accepted idea.
Dollar Diplomacy Tafts main foreign policy goals were to maintain the open door to Asia and preserve stability in Latin America.
Racism belief that differences in character or intelligence are due to one's race.
compulsory required military service
Great White Fleet is what the gleaming white ships were called.
How did the United States get permission to build the canal? Why was the United interested in building the canal in the first place? by buying a 25 year concession from Colombia to build a canal across Panama.A canal global shipping much faster and cheaper allow the United States Navy to move quickly from one ocean to the other in time of war.
Explain what actions earned President Theodore Roosevelt the Nobel Peace Prize. he persuaded Japan to be satisfied with small grants of land and control over Korea instead of a huge payment of money. he secured a promise from Russia to Vacate Manchuria.kept trade in China open to all nations His role as mediator won him the prize.
What role did the United States playing the Mexican Revolution? The United States basically were like the police and took the lead or authority role in during the Mexican Revolution, president Woodrow Wilson led to even more anti-American feelings in Latin America.
Explain how supporters of imperialism used social Darwinism as an argument that imperialism was alright. social darwinism is survival of the fittest and imperialism is taking over other countries to where they are not their own but yours now. strong can do what it wants and take over the weak.
Explain how Americans' thoughts about the frontier influenced their opinion that imperialism was a good thing for ether United States. we liked the frontier because it gave people hope of a better future and with the frontier getting smaller because more and more people coming then we wanted imperialism because it would give us more frontier land and open space for people to come to.
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