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Rome Review


Cicero Rome’s greatest public speaker
Sicily an island that is part of Italy
latifundia large farming estates worked by enslaved people
patrician wealthy landowner
plebian middle class citizen
Roman Confederation a system of rule where Romans gave full citizenship to some conquered peoples
Pax Romana 200 years of peace that began with the rule of Augustus
dictator a person who ruled with complete power
Aeneid legend of Trojan hero said to have begun Rome
Romulus and Remus two brothers that were saved by a wolf… eventually Romulus founded Rome
Beware the Ides of March! Caesar was attacked and killed on the senate steps on March 15, 44 BCE. He was killed by “friends”!!! Et tu, Brute?
The first Imperator Octavian renamed himself Augustus, “the revered or majestic one” and began the Roman Empire.
Twelve Tables Rome’s first written laws.
Cincinnatus a dictator who served 16 days, just long enough to avert danger and step down.
The Roman alphabet drew influence from both the Phoenicians and the Greeks.
Hannibal a general in the Second Punic War-he used elephants in battle and had his troops ride over the Alps to attack from the north.
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