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Missouri Compromise Louisiana Purchase was twice the size of the us 11 slave states and 11 free states Missouri-slave maine-free 36 30 line
Tariffs taxes on imported goods tariffs favored the north raised foreign good prices. SC feared Britain would stop trading.
John C. Calhoun Vice president to Andrew Jackson supported states' rights supported nullification(cancelling federal law)
Nullification Crisis congress raised tariffs. Sc split into 2 parties, the Nullifiers and the Unionist Sc legislature nullified and seceded Calhoun resigned.
California became apart of us after Mexican war Cali became a free state because of gold miners.
Compromise of 2850 allowed popular sovereignty for slave states no slave trade in dc stronger fugitive slave laws
Kansas Nebraska Act Build a transcontinental railroad Northern abolitionist and southern slave owners moved to Kansas to vote. BLEEDING KANSAS. Northern Whigs joined the Free Soil Party oppose slavery expansion with the abolitionist to form the republican party
Violence in Congress Charles sumner made a speech about bleeding Kansas and made fun of Andrew Butler, Andrew's cousin, Preston Brooks, beat sumner unconscious with a cane. Southern hero.
Dred Scott Decision slave whose master into free territory he sued him because he believed he was free. Supreme Court made 4 rules slaves were property they cant sue ans slave owners can take them anywhere, and popular sovereignty is now illegal.
Election of 1860 Democratic Party had a north and south candidates. Lincoln who said slavery shouldn't expand, won. southerners thought Lincoln would end slavery everywhere
COnfederate States of America SC Georgia Alabama Mississippi Louisiana Texas FLordia (Singing Goats Attacked Many Lame Talking Frogs)Jefferson Davis was named president
Sectionalism loyalty to one's region or area instead of country. North had freed slaves and South had the opposite. South increased the need for slavery.
Politics South Democratic republicans followed Thomas Jefferson later followed Andrew Jackson. North were federalist and later republicans
Denmark Vesey free black who planned a slave rebellion but was caught b4 it took place. passed stranger slave laws and put restrictions on free blacks
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