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Mississippi History

History Exam Review Sheet #2

Joliet French/Canadian explorers who first sailed down the MS River with Marquette
Marquette French/Canadian explorers who first sailed down the MS River with Joliet
Narvaez early Spanish sailor/explorer who looked for the mouth of the MS River in 1521
Desoto first conquistador/explorer to see MS River by land; 1541
de Pineda Spanish explorer who led several expeditions
Iberville built Fort Maurepas
Bienville build Fort Rosalie at present day Natchez
Natchez Fort Rosalie was here. Name of major road from here to Nashville. 1st territorial capital of MS
Maurepas For at present day Ocean Springs
1673 this is the year where Marquette and Joliet explored.
1736 this is the year of the Battle of Ackia
1793 the year when Eli Whitney invented the cotton gin.
1716 Bienville built fort rosalie this year.
1798 the year MS became a territory.
1492 Columbus discovered the New World this year.
1541 Desoto found MS River this year.
1682 In this year, La Salle, Tonti, and Father Mambre claimed the MS river region for FRANCEEEE
1729 Massacre of Ackia happened this year.
1795 Treaty of San Lorenzo & Pinkney's Treaty happened this year.
1699 1st settlement established at Ft. Maurepas happened this year.
1763 End of French and Indian War
Tonti La Salle left this person behind. He was taken captive by Indians so he showed them a mirror over his heart to make them believe they were on his heart. had a hook hand. left notes for La Salle in case he came back
stinkards low class of Natchez Indians
corn major Indian crop
English Turn English turned around here because the French lied and said they had more ships but they really didn't
1817 Ms became a state in this year.
Ackia battle near Tupelo
Cotton gin Eli Whitney invented this. This led to slavery.
Paleo Prehistoric Indians who followed wooly mammoths to America. first by
Archaic Prehistoric Indians who came after the Paleos
Woodland Prehistoric Indians who came after the Archaic.
Mississippian Indians who settled in Mississippi
Marschalk newspaper printer from MS
Jeff Davis president of the Confederacy
L. Price famous opera singer from MS
Andrew Jackson defeated British at NOLA; face of the Natchez Trace; President later
BB King famous blues singer from MS-"King of the Blues"
Elvis Presley King of Rock N Roll from Tupelo MS
Washington 2nd capital of the MS Territory
G. Leflore Pushmataha's nephew
Claiborne 2nd territorial governor of MS; took place of Winthrop Sargent
Oklahoma used to be Dancing Rabbit Creek; where the Indians were sent on the Trail of Tears
MS Territory created in 1798; this place expanded up to TN in 1804 and down to the Gulf of Mexico in 1812. This was divided into 2 separate places in 1817.
Natchez Trace A major road that stretched from Natchez to Nashville. Andrew Jackson was the face of this road. It is still working today; robbers and gangs, stands also
stands motels for weary travelers
mason gang a gang led by Sam Mason
New Orleans 1st steamboat on the MS River; city on the bottom of the MS River; battle won by Andrew Jackson
Battle of Horsheshoe Bend faught in AL; Jackson defeated the Creeks at this battle
Winthrop Sargent 1st territorial governor of MS Territory. He was called "His Yankeeship"
David Holmes 1st state and 3rd(final) governor of MS
Created by: kmccormack
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