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Mississippi History

History Exam Review Sheet #1

Mississippi state; river; "Father of Waters"; state named after river; river forms western boundary of state; 20th state into Union;
atmosphere blanket of air that surrounds Earth; responsible for weather; protects us from suns radiation
lithosphere the outermost layer of Earth's crust; solid ground
hydrosphere all water on Earth
biosphere all living things on Earth
latitude distance N&S of equator
longitude distance E&W of Prime Meridian
topography physical features of the land
aquifer rock formations in and under the earths surface
alluvial soil deposited by water
loam sand, silt, and clay
flora plants on a land
fauna animals on a land
Camille 1969; worst hurricane to hit until Katrina
Katrina worst hurricane in MS; 2005
precipitation rain, sleet, snow, and hail
tornado spins, fast wind
Phil Bryant state governor
State boundaries AL,TN,LA,AK,MS River, TN RIver,
loess soil deposited by wind
Choctaw largest Indian tribe; central MS
Chickasaw North MS; most warlike; most traveled
Natchez Southwest MS; most colorful; had sun king
Cochran & Wicker 2 state senators
Magnolia state flower
mockingbird state bird
bass state fish
Tate Reeves LT. Governor
Woodall Mt. highest elevation in MS, Tishomingo County
La Salle claimed LA for France
Pushmataha Choctaw Indian chief
tobacco first cash crop tried in MS
indigo 2nd cash crop tried in MS
chunky Indian game; not stickball
istohbol Indian game; stickball; like lacrosse
Nanih Waiya famous Choctaw Indian mound
Emerald famous Natchez Indian mound
bonepicker Choctaw mortician
long town Chickasaw city
Sun King Natchez king; Great Sun
Rosalie Fort that Bienville built, French, 1716, at present day Natchez
Created by: kmccormack
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