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December Final

Georgia Studies December Final

What was the purpose of the Spanish Mission System? To spread Catholicism
Which early explorer was most likely responsible for introducing the diseases that devastated the native American populations in Georgia? Hernando de Soto
Why did European nations explore the Americas? They wanted to search for Gold
Which group of people was allowed in Georgia during the Trustee period? Jews
Why did the British call Georgia a "buffer colony"? South Carolina colonist needed protection from the Spanish.
Who served as an interpreter for James Oglethorpe? Mary Musgrove
Which of these groups did not have a presence in Trustee Georgia? Japanese Silk farmers
What term was used to describe those who complained about the policies of the trustees? Malcontents
Where did the greatest threat to Georgia come from? the Spanish in Florida.
Which is the most likely reason Britain taxed goods in the colonies? to pay for war debt.
What law forbade the colonists to move west of the Appalachian mountains? Proclamation of 1763
Which of the following is not a part of the Intolerable Acts? Stamps were taxed.
What is included in the third part of the Declaration of Independence? A warning to King George to change his ways.
Nancy Hart *Spy* *Patriot* * War heroine* *woman*
Who was the leader of the militia in Georgia? Elijah Clarke
Who did not represent Georgia in the Second Continental Congress to sign the Declaration of Independence? Elijah Clarke
Under Georgia's Constitution of 1777, governors were selected by... the legislature
What statement is a result of the weakness of the Articles of Confederation? the 13 states could not become a unified nation
What statement is true about Georgia's ratification of the U.S. Constitution? Georgia was the first southern state to ratify it.
What is significant about the history of the University of Georgia? It was the first public University in the U.S.
Why was the capital moved to Louisville? Population was shifting westward.
The Yazoo Land Fraud occurred because land companies bribed members of the legislature so they could buy land cheaply.
What was the impact of the land lottery on Georgia? it led to the forced removal of the Indians.
Georgia experienced tremendous growth in its enslaved population after 1793. What created the demand for slaves? The invention of the cotton gin.
Why was Chief William McIntosh murdered by his own people? He signed a treaty giving up the last of the Creek lands in Georgia.
What discovery led to the final Indian removal from Georgia? Gold in Dahlonega.
The Missouri Compromise was an agreement between the northern and southern states about... slavery in new states.
What statement describes the outcome of the Dred Scott case? The US Supreme Court decided slaves were not citizens.
After Lincoln's election, which man called for Georgia to remain in the Union? Alexander Stephens.
What was at stake in the Battle of Chickamauga? Control of the railroad center in nearby Chattanooga.
Why did General Sherman burn Atlanta and destroy everything in his path on the March to the Sea? He wanted to destroy the resources of the South.
Sharecroppers needed the following... Seeds, farming tools, land, and a house.
What did the 13th amendment say? Abolished slavery
What was the Georgia Act of 1869 Federal legislation returning Georgia to military control because of KKK terrorism against freedmen.
What Georgia leader coined the phrase "New South"? Henry Grady.
What was the main purpose of the International Cotton Exposition that was held in Atlanta? Showcase the industries of the New South.
Which of the following did Rebecca Felton not focus on reforming? race relations.
Which group was given all the power, unfairly, in the distribution of county unit votes in Georgia? Rural counties.
How did southern states limit the rights of African Americans after the end of Reconstruction? passing Jim Crow Laws.
What was the basic premise behind the 1896 Supreme Court decision Plessy v. Ferguson? separate but equal.
W.E.B. Dubois was... professor at Atlanta University
part of the Niagra movement
Which statement below is a MAJOR contribution made by Georgia during World War I? Many army bases were located there.
Which statement best explains the effect of the boll weevil on Georgia's economy? It is uniquely able to destroy cotton crops
Which of the following was a result of the stock market crash in 1929? Banks ran out of money.
Which of the following New Deal programs helped raise the price of cotton in Georgia? The Agricultural Adjustment Adminstration.
Which of the following forms Georgia's eastern border? South Carolina and the Atlantic Ocean
What is true of the Coastal Plain? It has rich soil for growing peanuts
What two regions are separated by the fall line? Coastal Plain and Piedmont
What statement describes the Okefenokee Swamp? Largest freshwater wetland in Georgia.
What industry is most affected by Georgia's climate? Agriculture
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