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Ch. 2 review

Who became known as a robber baron for the methods he used to form Standard Oil Trust? John D. Rockefeller
This was founded by Jane Addams and Ellen Gates Starr. The Hull House
The economic system in which the state controls the economy is called? Socialism
Who helped found the American Federation of Labor and served as its president for 37 years? Samuel Gompers
The American Railway president whom the government jailed for his role in the Pullman Strike was? Eugene V. Debs
Which had the greatest effect on American Mass culture in the late 1800s? Education
What popular style of music blended African-American songs and European musical forms? Ragtime
What popular form of live entertainment mixed song, dance, and comedy? Vaudeville
Who was a political machine that demanded bribes and used threats to affect government actions? Tammany Hall
What was a national organization of unions that used negotiations, strikes, and boycotts to achieve its goals? American Federation of Labor
Booker T. Washington founded what? Tuskegee Institute
Industrialization and urbanization in the late 1800s produced an American? Mass culture
Who invited the light bulb? Thomas Edison
How did Andrew Carnegie gain control of the steel industry? He sought control of all the processes related to the manufacture of steel
What did John D. Rockefeller establish? A monopoly of the oil industry
What did the Jim Crow laws do? separated white and black people in public places
What new form of shopping became popular in the late 1800s? Department stores
How do monopolies harm the consumer? They eliminate competition and allow for high prices
Why did Congress pass the Chinese Exclusion Act? to prevent Chinese immigrants from entering the United States
In 1890, many business owners were getting rich, but the average family lived below the poverty line
The Protestant social gospel movement inspired some reformers
In Plessy V. Ferguson, the Supreme Court ruled that Segregation was lawful if the separate facilities were equal
African-American baseball players played in Negro League
How could people who lived in rural areas of the country buy products and goods? through mail-order catalogs
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