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Mid-term exam study guide

What is NC's state beverage? milk
What is NC's state mammal? gray squirrel
What is NC's state bird? cardinal
What is NC's state flower? dogwood
What is NC's state song? Old North State
What is NC's state major crop? tobacco
What are NC's Capes Fear, Hatterus, Look Out
What is NC's state climate? humid, sub-tropical
What is NC's state gem? emerald
What does Piedmont mean? foot of a mountain
Where does the Appalachian Mountains start and end? Quebec to Georgia
What is NC's Sandhills? golf
What is NC's size? as big as England
What does the tidewater do? rises and falls
What is the Virginia House of Burgesses? 1st house of representative
Who is John Smith? Helped Jamestown survived and leader of Jamestown
What does royal colony mean? colonies that is directly ruled by the king
What does charter colony mean? found from a joint-stock company businessmen
What does propriety colony mean? given to individuals or groups by the king
Who is William Bradford? Founded Plymouth
Who is the separatists? people who wanted to separate from the Church of England
Who is John Winthrop? governor of Massachusetts Bay
What is the Fundamental Orders of Connecticut? 1st written constitution in America
Who is William Penn? a Quaker; founded Pennsylvania
What is indigo? popular blue dye; southern cash crop
What does frontier mean? an undeveloped area near a civilized area
What are subsistence farmers? farmers who raise enough for their families
Who is called the bread colonies? Middle colonies; they grow a lot of grain
What is a poll tax? paid in order to vote
What is a hornbook? 1st text book
What does "Melting Pot" means? people from all over (the middle colonies)
What does the militia mean? town (local) army
What is an apprentice? someone who learns a trade
What is an aristocrat? another name from the upper class
Who is Jonathan Edwards? lead revival in England; wrote "Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God" sermon
Who is George Whitefield? came to America and lead revival
Who is Edward Braddock? British general who tried to take Fort Duquesne
What is the quartering act? housing troops
What is the stamp act? tax on legal documents
What is the townshend act? new tax on glass, lead, paper, and tea
Who is Samuel Adams? main leader of the rebellion against England
Who is Patrick Henry? famous saying "Give me liberty or give me death!"
Where was the 1st battle of the Revolutionary War? Lexington
Who took Fort Ticonderoga? Ethan Allen and Benedict Arnold
What is a hessian? German soldiers that were hired to fight
Who was Thomas Maine? wrote "Common Sense"
Who was Thomas Jefferson? mostly wrote the Declaration of Independence
Where did Washington capture the hessians? Trenton
Who is Baron von Steuben? trained the troops at Valley Forge
Who is George Rogers Clark? defeated Hamilton and claimed the west (Indiana)
Who won the battle at Kings Mountain? the rebels; mostly made of over mountain men
What is a loyalist? people who is loyal to the king
Who is General Cornwallis? surrendered to Washington at Yorktown
What is a confederation? a loose association of states
What is the Articles of Confederation? a document that outlined our forms of government
What does ratify mean? to approve
What does right of deposit mean? freedom to stock pile goods
What does the Northwest Ordinance 1787 do? governing land
Who is George Washington? chairman of Philadelphia Convention
Who is James Madison? "Father of the Constitution"
Who is Benjamin Franklin? oldest delegate
Who is Alexander Hamilton? favored a strong, central government
Who is Montesquieu? French philosopher who outlined the 3 branches government
What is a republic? elected representative govern the people
What is the Virginia Plan? large state plan - called for two houses - based in population
What is the New Jersey Plan? small state plan - called for one house - all states with the same number of representatives (2)
What is the Great Compromise? combining both the Virginia and New Jersey plans
What does census mean? count of population (people)
What is the 3/5 Compromise? how to count slaves - count them as 3/5 of a person
What are the three branches of government? Legislative, Judicial, and Executive
What are the four principles contained in the Constitution? written law, separation of powers, checks and balances, and the federal systems
What does impeachment mean? any charges against a major official
What does veto mean? when the president opposes a bill
What is naturalization? processed by which a foreign-born person gains citizenship
What is the order of succession to presidency? Vice President -> Speaker of the House -> President pro tempro -> cabinet members
What is the 1st Amendment? Five Freedoms
What is the 2nd Amendment? Right the bear arms
What is the 3rd Amendment? No quartering troops
What is the 4th Amendment? No unreasonable searches
What is the 5th Amendment? Rights of the accused
What is the 13th Amendment? Slavery prohibited
What is the 15th Amendment? Black voting rights
What is the 16th Amendments? Income tax
What is the 19th Amendment? Women's suffrage
What is the 20th Amendment? Lame duck amendment
What is the 26th Amendment? Eighteen-year-old vote
Created by: lbarrett99