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1st Semester Exam

Final Exam covering Middle East & Africa

Many ___ were forced together unnaturally into newly organized colonies after the Berlin Conference; sometimes they were in conflict Ethnic Groups
What is the term for the percentage of people in a region over the age of 15 who can read and write? Literacy Rate
Why did Europeans clear and destroy rainforests after arriving in the 1800s? To build plantations for farming
What causes desertification in the Sahel region? Over-grazing and farming
What do you call a person who is forced to flee their home during a time of conflict? Refugee
Why does Israel invest in technology and agriculture instead of oil production? Because Israel doesn't have valuable oil resources
Where is the Sahel located? South of the Sahara
What is the name of the group of Arabs that has been in conflict with the state of Israel? Palestinians
Where would you find most people in the Middle East living? Near water
What country did Saddam Hussein's Iraq invade that led to the Persian Gulf War (Operation Desert Storm)? Kuwait
What is the term for the total amount of income a country earns in a year? Gross Domestic Product
What is the term for a ban on trade for political reasons, like during Apartheid times in South Africa? Embargo
What type of organization is the United Nations if its members have the power and are loosely organized to make decisions? Confederation
What is monotheism? The belief in one God
What 2 groups are in conflict over how leadership following Muhammad's death is determined in the religion of Islam? Sunni and Shia/Shiite
What bodies of water does the Suez Canal connect? Mediterranean Sea and Red Sea
What is the advantage of the Suez Canal? It is a short cut instead of going around Africa
An investment in ___ can often increase a country's GDP Education (training)
Who was South Africa's first black President? Nelson Mandela
If Israel's legislative body, known as the Knesset, elects a Prime Minister, what type of democracy is it? Parliamentary Democracy
What type of government is one in which power is shared between different branches and levels of government? Federal system
What is the role of OPEC? To control the price of oil around the world
What types of land use does the "Green Line" show a difference between? Desert and farmland
What type of economic system is a combination of government regulations and supply and demand? Mixed Economy
What religion is the dominant religion in northern Africa? Islam
What is the fundamental belief of Christianity? The belief that Jesus was the son of God; he died and rose again for the forgiveness of sins
What is the Jewish holy book that is similar to the Quran and the Old Testament of the Bible? The Torah
Starvation and poverty are caused by ___ in the Sahel region. Desertification
What is the sense of pride on one's country that creates feelings of loyalty and a motivation to fight for political rights? Nationalism
Why would the construction of dams cause problems for people in drier areas of the Middle East and northern Africa? It disrupts or redirects the flow of water to areas downstream
What former British colony in East Africa was criticized because it became a democracy, but it was controlled by one political party after it gained its independence? Kenya
What west African country has abundant oil resources, but the money has been mishandled by corrupt governments? Nigeria
What is something that can help prevent the spread of HIV/AIDS? Education about the causes of HIV/AIDS; better medicine
What is a tariff? A tax placed on imports
What type of economic system is based upon supply and demand and consumer choice? Market Economy
Which group of Muslims makes up the majority worldwide - Sunnis or Shiites? Sunnis
Which ethnic group spread throughout central and southern Africa and is the one most African languages are traced to? Bantu
Which ethnic group is a combination of African traditions and Muslim beliefs and is mainly located along Africa's east coast? Swahili
Which ethnic group is located mainly in western Africa? Ashanti
At one time, Nigeria was under military rule and the government made all economic decisions. What type of economic system was Nigeria an example of at that time? Command System
If the government of a country invests in education, usually what happens to GDP in that country? It usually increases
What is genocide? The murder or a large number of a specific group of people
Following ___, many Africans began feeling an increased sense of nationalism. World War II
Why do many countries of the Middle East and North Africa not invest in water-saving technologies like desalination plants? The technology is too expensive
What type of government is one in which the central government holds most of the power? A unitary system
What process is harmful to areas because trees are cut down to create farmland and nutrient-rich topsoil is washed away? Deforestation
What country experiences conflict over land & religion between Jews and Palestinians? Israel
What resource has caused the United States to be involved in conflicts in the Middle East? Oil (petroleum)
What is one thing that can be increased if the literacy rate is higher? Standard of Living
Bantu, Swahili, and Ashanti ethnic groups have experienced much religious diversity due to what historical factors? European colonization and trade with Arabs
What religion did European colonizers introduce? Christianity
What religion did Arab traders introduce? Islam
What does the term navigable mean? Rivers in East and Central Africa are not navigable. Able to travel distances along the river; rapids, waterfalls, and shallow areas prohibit navigability
What natural resource is abundant in Nigeria and impacts the majority of Nigeria's GDP? Oil
What organization meets to regulate the prices of the world's oil? OPEC (Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries)
What issue created by "blurred borderlines" has affected many of Africa's countries today? Conflict between ethnic & religious groups
Because an area has a river system, what is the most obvious occupation the people will have? Fishing
What is the term for a tax on goods that increases the price of the item? Tariff
Which of the following countries is profitable due to its natural resources of diamonds and gold - South Africa, Kenya, Nigeria? South Africa
What type of government does Iran have if its government decisions are based on religious beliefs? Theocracy
What 2 rivers in Iraq are being changed (less water flowing) because of dams being built upstream? Tigris & Euphrates
Which of the following regions would you assume would be the LEAST populated - along rivers, in deserts, in rain forests? Deserts
How did European powers decide to divide up Africa during the "Scramble for Africa"? Where natural resources are located
What is the term for a limit on the amount of imports a country will receive? Quota
Of these countries in the Middle East, which has the LEAST amount of oil - Iran, Iraq, Israel? Israel
Created by: MrsRidley



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