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Late 17c and 18c American Society - Quiz 1

The Salem Village witchcraft crisis occurred for which of the following reasons? experiencing feelings of powerlessness and insecurity, many Puritans found in witchcraft an explanation for the disorder and change around them.
What did the Great Awakening, inter-colonial trade and American attitudes toward English culture and constitutional theory have in common? they contributed to a growing sense of shared American identity.
Colonial cities functioned primarily as? mercantile centers for collecting agricultural goods and distributing imported manufactured goods.
Colonial law generally defined slaves as chattels. This meant that slaves were considered as? pieces of property with no rights.
Anglo-American women in colonial times? could own property or execute legal documents only if they were widowed or unmarried.
By the early 1700s, the slave codes of the English colonies in North America established all of the following rules EXCEPT that they? allowed a slave with some white ancestry to apply for freedom.
Between 1650 and 1750, family life in the English colonies changed such that in? northern colonies it grew less patriarchal, while in southern colonies it grew more patriarchal.
According to the Whig ideology, the best defense against corruption and tyranny rested in the? eternal vigilance by the people.
Thomas Jefferson once observed that the best school of political liberty the world ever saw was the? New England town meeting.
Benjamin Franklin's concept of the "ideal American" differed from John Winthrop's in which of the following ways? Franklin valued individualism; Winthrop valued the submission of individual will to the good of the community.
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