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APUSH Semester test

Colonists from what European nation generally had the most cooperative relations with American Indians? France
What was the significance of he cryptic message "CROATOAN"? It was all that was left of a failed attempt by the British to settle in Roanoke.
What was on o the problems that led to "the Starving Time" in the early years?" The emphasis on acquiring gold and silver contributed to the high mortality rate
In the seventeenth century, the earliest British colonies in Virginia were saved from economic ruin by what? The introduction of tobacco cultivation.
Which best describes a problem like Bacon's Rebellion in Virginia in 1685? A conflict between wealthy eastern colonists and settlers seeking protection on Virginia's western frontier.
What was the major purpose of the Maryland Act of Toleration of 1649? It protected Catholic rights in Maryland from the influx of Protestant Colonists
What is a FALSE statement about early settlement in the Chesapeake and New England? The Virginia colony had friendly relations with Native Americans while the Pilgrims were actively hostile.
What is a FALSE statement about the Massachusetts Bay Puritans? They Supported Roger Williams and his views towards religion and Native Americans.
What was the goal of the Massachusetts Bay Puritans under the leadership of Governor John Winthrop? A model community promoting government with strict religious principles.
Which statement BEST describes ideas that caused the division between Anne Hutchinson and Puritan church? Hutchinson openly promoted the idea of a personal relationship with God without the guidance of church leaders.
The majority of colonists who migrated to Virginia and Maryland during the 17th century were best described as what? Indentured servants
What was the significance of King Phillip's War? A conflict between Native Americans and New England settlers.
Why were Quakers unique among the religious groups that settled in North America during the seventeenth century? Allowed women to speak publicly in their religious meetings.
Besides serving as a haven for formerly imprisoned debtors, why was the colony of Georgia founded? Military buffer against Native Americans in Spanish Florida.
The chief purpose of mercantilism was to do what? Strengthen the economy and power of the parent country.
Which of the following was NOT a consequence of the Navigation Acts in the colonies? Colonial merchants were encouraged by the Crown to increase trade with Spain, France, and the Dutch.
Which of the following was NOT true of the life in colonial America? Slaves insurrections like the Stono Rebellion led to more humane treatment of slaves throughout the South.
Which statement most accurately explains how religious toleration developed in America? Because so many immigrants with different religious backgrounds settled in America, it was impossible to impose a single religion.
Why have historians labeled the period of colonial history before 1763 as one of "salutary neglect"? British inattention to enforcing colonial policy led to colonial growth and prosperity.
Between 1700 and 1750, what characterized the relationship between the British Empire and American colonies? Most Americans believing in the benefits of belonging to the Empire while Distrusting eachother
Why was Ben Franklins Albany Plan significant? Proposed a colonial union for defense against the Indians.
The proclamation line of 1763 was designed to do what? Limit western expansion of colonial sttlement
What was the major consequence of the French and Indian war 1754-1763? Imposition of new taxes on the British North American soliders
Why did the stamp act create great fury in the colonies? This was the first time that Parliament imposed an internal or excise tax on the colonies to raise revenue.
The American colonists slogan "No taxation without representation" was a rejection of what? Virtual representation
Which method of colonial resistance achieved the greatest success in reversing Parliamentary legislation before the Revolutionary War? Boycotts of British goods
Why was the Quartering Act resented by the colonists? Colonial contributions of lodging and supplies for British troops were made mandatory.
what was NOT a provision of the intolerable acts? The creation of colonial-controlled legislator
What was a major weakness of the Articles of Confederation? They denied the government the ability to tax the states
Why was the Northwest Ordinance of 1787 Significant? Defined the process by which territories could become states.
What movement was strengthened by Shay's Rebellion? Produce a new national constitution to provide for national defense
What was NOT part of the "Great Compromise" or the "Three-Fifths Compromise" at the 1787 Constitutional Convention? Slavery would be prohibited in the Northwest Territoy
Why did anit-Federalists oppose the ratification of the Constitution? It provided for a national government that was too strong, it did not list the natural rights of its citizens, It subordinated the power of the stat governments to that of a federal government, It favored the aristocratic and wealthy interests over those
What were the beliefes of the Federalists of the 1790's? A strong central government and a well developed economy.
What is the significance of the elastic clause? To make all laws which shall be necessary and proper for carrying into execution of foregoing powers and all other powers vested by this Constitution in the Government of the US
Which was NOT part of secretary of the Treasury Alexander Hamiltons financial program? Tax exemptions and subsidy payments to farmers
To win support for the federal assumption of state debts, Hamilton's supporters negotiated what bargain? Called for the construction of new national capital on the banks of the Potomac River
What was Washington's response to the Whiskey Rebellion in 1794? Personally led an army of nearly 15.000 men into Pennsylvania.
What was the intent of the Alien and Sedition Acts? Weaken the opponents of John Adams and the Federalists
What was Jefferson's hope for the future of the United states economy? Independent owners of small farms
Why was Jefferson reluctant to accept the Louisiana Purchase treaty? He doubted that he had constitutional authority for such a purchase.
What were effects of Eli Whitney's cotton gin and the use of interchangeable party? Decreased use of slave labor in the South
Why was the Supreme Court decision in Marbury v. Madison significant? It expanded the power of the federal judiciary by establishing the right to review a law's constitutionality
What were conditions that contributed to 1816-1824 being know as the "Era of Good Feelings?" The United States was at peace with Brittian Spain and France. Withe the demise of the Federalist party, there was only on major political party,
What is significant about the "corrupt bargain?" Clay's support for Adams in the House resulted in Clay's appointment as secretary of state.
Created by: KassieGordon24