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Ancient China

social studies 7th grade

Ancient China 3500 BC-500 BC
Ancient India 2500 BC-185 BC
China is surronded by ____ countries 14 Countries
The top four countries in order largest to smallest 1. Russia 2. Canada 3. United States 4. China
China's population is ___ _________ people 1.3 billion people
what boundary borders China in south and India to the north? Great wall of China
Mount Everest stands ______ 29,035 feet
Mount Everest is located between 2 different countries. What are they? Nepal and China
True or False Mount Everest grows every year. True
What is the third longest river and how far does it flow? Yangze River and 3,400 miles
What nickname did the Yellow River get because of the destruction it caused with its yearly flood? "China's Sorrow"
What desert is the sandiest desert in the world and is very dangerous to cross? Taklamakan Desert
What is the name of the desert with extreme temperatures that borders China to the north? Gobi Desert
What is the most elevated plateau on the Earth? Plateau of Tibet
How many miles does the Great Wall stretch across northern China? 4,163 Miles Long
What country was the wall built to defend against? Mongolia
What Mongolian family dominated China for almost a century? Khan Family
What was the Chinese name of the Mongolian dynasty that ruled China? Yuan Dynasty
True or False The Great Wall of China was completely connected? False
Who is the main decision maker in a Chinese family? Oldest Male
What animal represent peace, prosperity, long life, and good health? Peace Crane
What religion is very popular in countries like China and Japan and is the fourth most popular religion in the world? Budhism
What great Chinese teacher preached philosophy on life and government and would later be the center point of a popular religion in Ancient China? Confucious
What was the name of the major trade route connecting Asia and Europe? Silk Road
Name six major problems traders were faced with when they traveled the long journey on the Silk Road? 1. Snowstorm 2. Blizzards 3. Animals 4. Robberies 5. Lack of water 6. Sickness
What major discovery took place in 1974 to reveal one of the greatest archaeological finds in history? Terracotta Soldiers
What was each terracotta Soldier made out of? Clay
True or Flase All the Terracotta Soildiers were the same False
Starting in 1420, where did each imperial family call home? Forbidden City
What was the name of the buildings built to house religious relics and writings? Pagodas
What is the main language spoke in China today? Manderine Chinese
What Ancient tradition was thought to be "fashionable" to women of Ancient China? Foot Binding
Created by: sophiacuttill