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Honors History Exam

13th Amendment Slavery Abolished
14th Amendment Prevented states from denyting rights and privellages to any US citizen.
15th amendment nobody can be can be kept from voting because of race color, or previous servitude.
Give me liberty or Give me death Patrick Henry
Tell me about the Decleration of Independance. ~Written by Thomas Jefferson. ~We are 'Done'
Shay's Rebellion farmers protested about taxes. ~Showed the federal government is weak. ~More power, more restrictions.
Missouri Compromise ~1820-1821 ~Maine was admitted as a free State ~Missouri was entered as a slave ~Lousiana split into 2 parts, dividing line at 36`30 N latitiude. South of line, slavery was legal. North. except missouri it was banned.
Nulification Crisis Callouhns theory f nullification said that the us constitution was based on compact. ~1832, tarriffs rise again. tarrifs of 1828-1832, "null. void, no law"
The compromise of 1850 California admitted as a free state (Union) ~New and more effective Fugitive Slave law.
Fugitive Slave Law Alleged Fugitive slaves were not entiteled to a trial by jury. Anyone helping a fugitive slave will be fined 1000$ and improsenment for 6 monthes
Dred Scott Decision Slaves=property
Kansas Nebraska Act "thrws Away" Missouri compromise
Dawes Act Broke up reservations for NA's ~160 acres to each HOH, 80 to unmarried adults.
Horizontal Integration Copanies producng similar products merge
Vertical integration A process which bought out supplies, in orderto control raw material and transportation systems
Laizzes Faire Gov; Hands off. Adam Smith created
Progressive movement Prohibition, Creating economic reform, Fostering Efficiency,
17th Amendment Allows the direct election of senators (2 for each state)
NAACP (National Assosiaction for the Advancement of Coulored People) Aimed for equality among races
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