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Chapter 2 Review

this was based on christian values and led by protestant ministers Social Gospel Movement
Most Asian Immigrants arrived here Angel Island
this was the result of prejudice and increased opposition to immigration Chinese exclusion act
this was founded by Jane Addams and Ellen Gates starr Hull House
this illegal gang gained control of government in New York City Tammany Hall
this was the first stop in the united states for European immigrants Ellis Island
allowed for the creation of suburbs street cars
creates more work and living space skyscrapers
person who worked with Thomas Edison and played a key role in improving electric lighting Louis Litmer
person who sought control of all processes related to the manufacture of steel in order to beat his competition in the steel industry Andrew Carnigee
the union that allowed women and eventually African Americans to join was Knights of labor
economic system where the state controls the economy socialism
person who helped found the AFL was Samuel Gompers
American Railway president whom the government jailed for his role in the Pullman strike was Eugene V. Debs
belief that all governments should be abolished anarchism
problems of industrialization pollution/unsafe working conditions/ tenements and slums
opportunities of industrialization provided jobs/modern products
urban growth opportunities people from different cultures lived in the same communities
urban growth problems tenements and slums
segregation and discrimination "opportunities" opportunities for whites
segregation and discrimination problems African Americans were treated poorly
immigration opportunities millions of people took jobs and bought goods
immigration problems discrimination
corporations gain power oppertunities coorperations gain lots of money by selling stock
corporations gain power problems corporations turn into monopolies
Created by: 18tmills