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facts about schuyler

who is her favorite female singer? madison beer what are some of her goals? be in the olympics,be on the lsu golden girls dance team,volleyball, and colorguard,and be a famous actress and win a lot of oscars and meet justin bieber
what does she want to be when she grows up? a lawyer and a famous actress who is her favorite group of boys dem white boyz
what is her favorite drink? a lemon slush from sonic
what is her favorite food? spaghetti
what does she want to do when she goes to college? be on the dance team
where does schuyler want to go to college? lsu
what does she like to do on her free time? go shopping with her mom and play volleyball with her dad
what is schuyler's biggest pet peeve? when she can hear people chewing and swallowing their food
who does she want to marry? john luke robertson or john stephen grice, or justin bieber
what is her favorite movie? catching fire and sea of monsters and never say never
what does schuyler not like to do? read and sit around all day
who is her favorite person? God
who is her favorite band? one direction
who are all of schuyler's bestfriends? rileigh smith,lauren quartz,abbigal presscot,calea mckey,chloe bauman,and emilie radar,
what is schuyler's favorite color? blue
who are her favorite male singers? justin bieber and neyo
Created by: _Schuyler_
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