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Europe's physical features, history, and culture today

highland in Spain Meseta
a dry, treeless plain with short grasses Steppe
the peaceful first 200 years of the Roman Empire Pax Romana
strongly influenced society during the Middle Ages Christianity
a time of revolutions in scientific and political thought Enlightenment
spread Greek culture to Egypt and Persia Alexander the Great
a time of “rebirth”in art and learning Renaissance
contains plants partly decayed in water Bog
government run by a prime minister who is the leader of the party with most elected officials Parliamentary Democracy
government run by elected officials with a king and queen as head of state Constitutional Monarchy
springs that shoot hot water and steam into the air Geysers
narrow inlets of the sea surrounded by steep cliffs Fjords
another name for Belgium, Netherlands, and Luxembourg Benelux
headquartered in Brussels European Union
country smaller than Washington, D.C. Liechtenstein
Mozart lived and performed here Austria
country with the largest population in Europe Germany
ancient Greek religious site popular with tourists Parthenon
Athens is found on this peninsula Balkan
Roman Catholic Church headquarters Vatican City
tourists come to its scenic Black Sea resorts Bulgaria
only country in Europe with a majority Muslim population Albania
Pope John Paul II had a strong influence here Poland
Why is the Mediterranean Sea important to Europeans? The Mediterranean Sea provides several varieties of fish and is used for transportation and recreation.
How is a republic a limited form of democracy? In a democracy, all citizens share in running the government. In a republic, people choose leaders to run the government.
How did the Black Death lead to the decline of the feudal system? The Black Death led to the decline of feudalism because so many people were killed that a shortage of labor occurred. This helped the remaining workers earn high wages and gain more freedom.
What form of energy is common in Iceland? What is its source? Iceland uses geothermal energy produced by natural underground sources of steam.
What are the capitals of Spain and Italy? The capital of Spain is Madrid; the capital of Italy is Rome.
How do Hungarians differ from most other eastern Europeans in ancestry? Most eastern Europeans are related to Slavic and Germanic peoples. The Hungarians are related to the Magyars, who moved from Central Asia into eastern Europe about 1,000 years ago.
Name the three countries that are known as the Baltic Republics. The Baltic Republics are Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia.
people choose leaders to run the government. Republic
all citizens share in running the government. Democracy
the government is decides what products are sold. which resources are used- people have limited choice command economy
people and private businesses decide what they sell, and how much- people have a choice market economy
mineral used in fertlizer potash
a term for "drained land", especially in the Netherlands polder
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