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US History

Semester 1 Exam Review

What were the cash crops of the Southern Colonies Indigo, Tobacco, Rice
How were the Middle Colonies diverse they were culturally diverse
Who were the Puritans protestants seeking an escape from religious persecution, wanting to establish a community built solely on "pure biblical teaching"
Who were the Quakers a religious order that did not recognize classes and promoting equality of sexes
New England Colonies Massachusettes,New Hampshire, Rhode Island,Connecticut
Middle Colonies New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware
Southern Colonies Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia
Who was John Locke and how did his ideas affect America an english Enlightenment philosopher who's ideas helped form American ideas about government
What was the role of colonial women they were second class citizens, could not vote, and could not attend school
Where did most of the colonial rebellion take place in the colonies Boston, Massachusettes
What is guerrilla warfare soldiers hide and ambush the enemy
What generals in the Revolutionary war practiced guerrilla warfare George Washington, Francis Marion, Thomas Sumter
Stamp Act tax on all printed material
Townshend Act Taxes on glass, paint, oil, lead, paper, and tea were applied with the design of raising £40,000 a year for the administration of the colonies.
Intolerable Acts a series of punitive acts passed by the British in response to the Boston Tea Part
How was the Declaration of Independence hypocritical it did not offer equality to Women and Blacks
Who were Loyalists colonists supporting Britain
Who were Patriots colonists supporting the colonies
Who wrote the Declaration of Independence Thomas Jefferson
How did the Declaration of Independence inspire the Constitution it created the "Inalienable Rights"
Why was the Bill of Rights added to the Constitution the British violation of civil rights before and during the Revolution caused many to demand a "bill of rights" that would spell out the rights of individual citizens.
What was the "Great Compromise" an agreement that eventually led to the creation of the Two Houses that make up Congress
What was the 3/5 Compromise each slave could be counted as 3/5 a person for determining the population of states, and representation
What was the Slave Trade Compromise there would be slavery for an additional 20 years under the Constitution. Once the twenty years are over then the government had the authority to ban the importation of slaves to the United States
What did the Federalists stand for supported the Constitution, and favored a strong central government
What did the Anti-Federalists/Democratic Republicans stand for supported strong State Governments
which article established the Judicial Branch, what is its major role Article 3, to interpret laws
which article established the Executive Branch, what is its major role Article 2 to enforce laws
which article established the Legislative Branch, what is its major role Article 1 to establish laws
What is the difference between the Senate and the House of Representatives The house was selected by the people and the senate was selected by the representatives Now the house is elected by citizens living in small districts within each state. Senators, on the other hand, are elected by and represent all voters of their state
What is the Electoral College body of delegates that meet up every 4 years to elect a president
Abolitionist Movement to stop slavery
Women's Suffrage Movement to try to get Women the right to vote
Temperance Movement to stop the sale of alcohol
What is Manifest Destiny, did the US achieve it the belief that the US should possess all of the land from coast to coast, yes
What was the result of the Lewis and Clark explorations they made a trail all the way to the Pacific ocean, and inspired people to move west
Why did Andrew Jackson enforce the Indian Removal Act they found gold on the land where the Indian had been living, so they wanted them off of the land so they could mine the gold for themselves
What invention and idea is Eli Whitney accredited with the Cotton Gin, and interchangeable parts for machines
What role did South Carolina play in the secession of the Confederate states it was the first state to secede
what form of government were southerners in favor of state government, because they can control their own interests, rather than a government based up in the north
Why did Lincoln suspend the writ of habeas corpus to save the nation and allow the Maryland Legislature to vote to stay in the Union
Why did Lincoln issue the Emancipation Proclamation to try to free the slaves
Harriet Tubman an escaped slave and went back to help free more slaves, she created the underground railroad
Harriet Beecher Stowe wrote the anti slavery book "Uncle Tom's Cabin" it increased awareness of the unfairness of slavery
What was significant about the Dread Scott case (Dread Scott v. Sandford) a landmark decision confirming that blacks free or enslaved could not be US citizens, and therefore had no rights
What did the 13th Amendment guarantee it is unlawful to have slaves
What did the 14th Amendment guarantee allowing slaves citizenship, anyone born on US soil is a citizen
What did the 15th Amendment guarantee the right to vote
What was significant about Plessy v Ferguson, what did it establish established the legal grounds for "separate but equal" facilities for whites and blacks
what was Andrew Jackson's stance on Reconstruction
What were some of the beliefs of Radical Republicans
Anaconda Plan North's strategy during Civil war to form a blockade, control the Mississippi and capture Richmond
Nulification is a legal theory that a state has the right to nullify, or invalidate, any federal law which that state has deemed unconstitutional
Ratification approval of an act or law
Loyalist a colonist loyal to England
Patriot a colonist willing to fight for his colonies to be independent of Britain
Electoral College appointed by each state and tasked to elect the President and Vice President every four years
Middle Passage the transport of slaves across the Atlantic
Suffrage the right to vote gained through the democratic process
Sharecropping system in which landowners give farm workers land and tools in return for a part of the crops they raise
Secession the act of withdrawing from the Union
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