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UND 362 Math

what is a solvent and and solute solvent is the substance on which something will be dissolved in, the solute is the substance being dissolved.
define saturated max amount of solute in a solution (depending on time, temp, and pressure)
define super saturated more solute than normal (excess lost easily)
define concentration amount of one substance relative to another
percent solution definition and example defined as parts per 100 30% is = to 30 parts in a total of 100 or 30/100 or 30:100 (3 parts solute and 7 parts solvent)
give 3 type sof solutions weight/weight, weight/volume, volume/volume
weight/weight define gram of solute to 100 g of solution EX: make 10% NaCl aqueous soln ANS: 10g NaCl in 90g h20
Weight/volume define grams solute/100 ml solution EX: calc % W/V of 250MG Nacl in 100ml H20 ANS: .25g NaCl/100 or .25% *convert mg to g and multiply by 100 for %*
volume/volume define Ml of solute per 100ml solution EX: Ml of ethanoh needed to make 75% v/v solution using h20 ANS:100ml - 75ml ethanol = 25% water
what is the proper way to measure volume use graduated cylinder, pipette, flas close to the volume you are using. (read at bottom of meniscus)
how do you prepare a (no change in concentration value) *variation in the total amount solution equation (%needed:100=g/ml:volume desired) multiply outer two and inner two then solve for x EX: 300ml of 10% hcl ANS: 10:100 = X:300
Dilutions formula what are the 2 requirements V1 x C1 = V2 x C2 concentration must change, and unit of measure must both be the same
dilution example give answer how much of 100% alcohol is required to make 500ml of 70% alcohol v1 x c1 = v2 x c2 100x = 70 x 500 100x = 35000 = 350
what is gravimetric calculations calculation that compensates for change in dye lots (consistency) Def: ration of 2 dye contents with corrects the weight of stain used
what is the formula for gravimetric conc. of present dye /by conc. of new dye
solve this graf. equation dye stains correctly at 1g per 250 ml at 78% but new dye is 68% how much of new dye will stain same as old dye GF - 78/68 = 1.15
solve this 2 part equation: prepare 160 ml of 10% nacl. The present dye has dye content of 90% and new dye content of 70% %needed:100 =g/ml:volume desired part 1. 10%:100 = g/ml:160 100x = 1600 therefore X = 16g present dye part 2. 90/70 - 1.29 grav. factor ans 1.29 x 16g = 20.64g of new dye
what is a hydrate addition of water molecule to a molecule of salt
hydrate problem give solution make 17% soln of CuSO4*H20 (use periodic tbl) 1. determine molecular weight cuso4 = 160 and cuso4*h20 is 178 equation is anyhdrous/monohydrate = 17 anhydrous/X 160x = 3026 x = 18.91 therefore diluting 18.91g monohydrate to 100ml = 17% anhydrous CuSO4
give the equation for molarity 1M = 1g Mol. weight/liter *must be in liter solution*
solve this molarity problem 1M solution of NaCl = molecular weight is 58.5 therefore 1M is 58.5 nacl in 1L solution
solve this Molarity problem calculate #grams to produce 1.5L of 1M HNO3 HNO3 = 63g MW 1 x 1.5 x 63 = 94.5
what is the equation for determining weight of substance needed for a molar solution weight in grams = Molarity x liter volume x molecular weight
solve this molarity problem calc grams for .1L of 1.85M H2s04 (MW =98) 1.85 x .1 x 98 = 18.13g
solve this molarity problem make 300mL of 6M NaCl (58.5 MW) g = 6 x .3 x 58.5 =
how is normality calculated (equation) grams = normality x volume x MW / valence or dissociable h2 ions
solve this normality equation how much solute is need to prepare 1000ml of 1N K2CO3 soln (what about Al(OH)3 1N will divide by the K in periodic table (x2) 138.21 / 2 = 69.11 77.98 /3 dissociable H ions = 25.99
when solving for normality the valance can be determined by the first element of the molecule (using upper most rows of period table (ie Al = 3)
1cc is the same as how many ml 1
kilogram to gram decigram to centigram to milligram to microgram to 1000, 1/10, 1/100, 1/1000, 1/1000000
give conversion of F to C solve ex. 150F to C C = F - 32 x .555 C = 150 - 32 x .5555555555555 ans 65.56 ish
give conversion of C to F solve ex. 25C to F F = 25 x 1.8 + 32 ans 77
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