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Social Studies Exam

Mid-Term Exam Review

Which ancient African people migrated west and south from Nigeria? Bantu
Which ancient kingdom, in present-day Ethiopia, was a cener of African Christianity? Axum
When Europeans began trading with African societies what began to grow? Slave Trade
Why is the death rate in Africa south of the Sahara so high? Lack of clean water and disease
In Africa, a person's ethnic group is most closely associated with what? language
Why did European countries carve Africa into colonies in the 1800's? profit and political advantage
What is the most common expression of community life, social status, and rites of the passage of Africa? dance
People who moved from place to place in search of food. hunter-gatherers
griots story tellers
An empire in Southern Africa Great Zimbabwe
Special ceremonies that mark lifestages Rites of passage
Famous ruler of Mali Mansa Musa
Land bridge that connected Asia to North America. (Now underwater) Beringia
What discovery turned nomads into farmers in the Americas' Maize (corn)
What lead the Mayan priests to create the 365 day calendar? Their knowledge of astrology
What was the capital of the Aztec Empire? Tenountitlan
What did the Maya and Aztec organize their societies around Religion
Which was the largest of the early American civilizations? Inca
What did the early Ohio Valley people, the Hopewell, build? Huge burial mounds in the shape of birds, bears, and snakes.
Where did the largest settlement of Mound Builders live? Present-day Illinois
The Iroquois women, called clan mothers, chose the.... Men of the Counsil
In the 1500's what changed the ways of life for the Native Americans forever? The arrival of the Europeans
Early Americans crossed the land bridge, Beringia, from Asia to present day what? Alaska
Agriculture allowed early Americans to...? Spend time on other activities such as building a community.
Which civilizations organized their societies around their religion? Maya and Aztec
Which civilization built stone-paved roads over mountains? Inca
The Inca believed the sun god enjoyed displays of what and covered their clothing and buildings with it? Gold
How did the Hohokam people acquire shells? trade with coastal people
Which peoples wore clothing of sealskin? Inuit
Which was the main food of the peoples of the northwestern coast? Salmon
Tepees were used by which culture? people of the great plains
How did the Iroquois promote peace? forming a federation
Mound Builders sun dried mud brick
Which of these was a military empire? Aztec, Inca, or Mayan Aztec
Calculating device developed by the Inca? quipus
the study of ancient peoples archaeology
a home build by using sand dried mud brick. adobe
Raised piece of land with the top leveled off to promote farming. terraces
Religious center of the Inca. Machu Picchu
A ruler emperor
Home of community of homes built by Native Americans. pueblo
A type of government that links different groups together. federation
An explorer who served in Khubla Khans court and wrote his book of travels. Marco Polo
The Renaissance was the historical period when these 2 things ruled. Intellect and Creativity
Which Portuguese prince laid the groundwork for a new era of exploration? Mansamusa
Name Christopher Columbus' 3 ships. Nina, Pinta, Santa Maria
Juan Ponce De Leon was the first Spaniard to land here. North America
Who was the first explorer to sail around the southern tip of Africa? Vasco de Gama
Which invention helped Marco Polo's Travels gain wider circulation? Printing Press
From their trading post in Africa, the Portuguese traded for what? gold and slaves
What did Columbus' crew threaten to do if he did not turn back? throw him overboard
Which explorer discovered the long-awaited eastern sea route to Asia Vasco de Gama
What did the Treaty of Tordesillas give Spain? Most of North & South America
How far west did Hernando de Soto travel? Oklahoma
Encomienda was a right granted by the Spanish government that gave Conquistadors the right to what? demand taxes or labor from Native Americans who were living on the land.
Martin Luther believed that this was the way to salvation rather than good deeds? Faith
What was John Cabot's voyage used by the English to claim? North America
Which explorer's crew was the first to sail around the world? Ferdinand Magellen
Which sea did Columbus believe he was near when he landed? Indian Sea
Which monarch sent Columbus on his first voyage? Queen Isabella of Spain
Who granted charters to groups of merchants to organize settlements in America? King James I
A document that gives the holder the right to organize settlements in an area. Charters
Protestants who wanted to leave the Anglican Church and found their own churches were called what? Separatists
Protestants who wanted to stay in the Anglican Church and change it from within were called what? Puritans
Because their journey had a religious purpose, the Separatists called themselves what? Pilgrims
What was Captain Smith's account of the condition of the Jamestown Colony? Lacked a strong leader, sick, miserable, unwilling to help themselves.
What did the Pilgrims promise when they signed the Mayflower Compact? Obey the laws passed for the general good of the colony.
Who was the settlement Jamestown named after? King James I
Who was the leader of Jamestown? Captain John Smith
What did the Jamestown settlers plant to survive? tobacco, corn, etc.
An English raider of Spanish ships? Francis Drake
Gov. John White was the leader of what colony? Was Sir Walter Raleigh's idea Roanoke
This was carved in a gatepost at the abandoned colony of Roanoke Croatoan
The Virginia Company founded what settlement? Jamestown
How long did the voyage of the Mayflower take? 66 days
What island was bought for a small amount of beads and other goods ($23) Manhatten (NYC)
Who did John Rolfe marry? Pocahontas
What was the most profitable cash crop in South Carolina and Georgia? Rice
How did England view its North American colonies? As an economic resourse
What 2 nations fought in the Seven Years war? France and Britain
What do Americans call the Seven Years war? The French and Indian war
Native American leader who recognized that British settlers threatened their way of life. Pontiac
A religious revival that swept through the colonies. The Great Awakening
The hub of the shipping trade in North America was in...? New England
Labor for the southern rice fields was provided by...? slaves
This called for one general government for all of the American colonies. The Albany Plan of Union
A region of large southern plantations The Tidewater
Laws passed in the southern states that controlled and restricted enslaved people. (governed slaves punishments) Slave codes
First college in the United States Harvard
British commander sent to conquer the French in the Ohio valley in America. Edward Braddock
Edward Braddock was in charge of troops during what war? French and Indian war
Who oversaw the French and Indian war in Europe? William Pitt
What did the Treaty of Paris mark? The end of North American power for France.
A leg of the triangular trade route in which slaves were shipped to the West Indies. The Middle Passage
What did the Stamp Act tax? All printed materials
Who was the leader of the Green Mountain Boys? Ethan Allen
Who opposed any compromise with the American colonist? King George III of England
Who wrote the Declaration of Independence? Thomas Jefferson
What did the Towshend Acts give the British Parliament the right to do? Tax and make decisions for the colonies
Colonial leaders used the Boston Massacre killings as what? Propaganda
The actions of the minutemen at Lexington and Concord are referred to as the.... Shot heard around the world
What did Loyalist not consider unfair taxes a good reason for? Rebellion
What did patriots want to fight for? Independence
Who recommended George Washington be chosen as commander of the Continental Army? John Adams
In the Olive Branch Petition, the colonists expressed their desire for what? Peace, rights to be heard
What does Patrick Henry declare in his speech to the Second Virginia Convention? War is unavailable but he welcomes it
Arguments for American independence written by this person in Common Sense greatly influenced colonist's opinions. Thomas Paine
Thomas Paine thinks that America's involvement with Britain causes what, according to Common Sense? Unneeded differences with European nations who could possibly become allies.
What is the opening line of Thomas Paine's The American Crisis? These are times that try men's souls
On Christmas Night 1776, where did the Patriots score a victory? Trenton
In 1777, William Howe captured what city causing the Congress to flee? New York City
Where did the Patriot forces endure a winter of terrible suffering? Valley Forge
What did the French agree to do after the Battle of Saratoga? Support the colonist (US)
Which foreign troops helped defeat Charles Cornwallis? French
What did the British agree to do after the Battle of Yorktown? Withdraw from war because it was too costly
Which 3 men represented America at the peace talks in Paris? Ben Franklin, John Adams, John Jay
What did Nathan Hale disguise himself as to spy on the British? A Dutch schoolteacher
A French nobleman who became Washington's trusted aide. Marquis de Lafayette
What was a famous quote attributed to John Paul Jones? I have not yet begun to fight
What was the Hessian's main goal for winning the war? money
After the war, what did George Washington do? retired
What will "Sunshine Patriots" do according to the patriot writer Thomas Paine in The American Crisis? Only serve the country when things are going well.
What were conditions like for the soldiers the winter at Valley Forge? Naked and starving
Patriot name for series of Punitive passed by British in 1774? Intolerable (Coercive) Acts
A dockworker who was part African and part Native American. Crispus Attucks
Disguised herself as a young man & enlisted in the war. Deborah Sampson
Joined her husband in battle. Margaret Corbin
What did Paul Revere call out as he rode? The British are coming. The regulars are out.
This said troops could not seize homes. Writ of assistance
The opening statement of the Constitution. Preamble
Patriot leader at Battle of Bunker Hill. William Prescott
French nobleman and general who helped Washington during Revolutionary War Compte de Rochambeau
American general who defected to (joined) the British Benedict Arnold
A successful guerrilla leader for American army known as the Swamp Fox Francis Marion
A former army officer from Prussia. Helped with military drills and tactics Fredrich (Baron) Von Steuben
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