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History Notes

In colonial America, the colonies belonged to ___. The King
Who was responsible for enforcing rules in the colonies? Governor
What was the most popular way to make money from the colonies in England? Taxes
What stated that all goods passing between the colonies and England must by carried in ships that had been built either in Great Britain or in the colonies? Navigation Acts
Who was the most efficient producer of manufactured goods in the world? England
Who did not build many permanent settlements in America? France
Who did the colonists blame for their troubles on the frontier? Each other
What war was also know as the 7 Years War in Europe? French and Indian War
What is the phrase when taxes and laws are made by people of which the colonists did not elect into office? Taxation without Representation
Name three freedoms each American has. 1. freedom of religion 2. freedom of speech 3. right to bare arms
What amendment should be added and why? Gay marriage should become legal in all states in the United States because everybody should be able to marry who they love as an adult, so matter what gender or sexuality….
What condition exists when only one business provides a product or service in a certain market? monopoly
What was the name of the company that the Tea Act was designed to help? British East India Co.
What did the Tea Act actually do to the price of the tea colonists had to buy? made it cheaper
Which tea did the colonists prefer? Dutch
What type of Indians did the colonists disguise themselves as during the Boston Tea Party? Mohawk
What part of the Coercive Acts would not allow ships to enter or leave the Boston port? Boston Port Act
What was another name given by the colonists for the Coercive Acts? Intolerable Acts
Who were the civilian-soldiers who formed militias ready to fight at a moment's notice? Minute Men
Who warned the American of the British marches on Lexington and Concord? Paul Revere and William Dawes
Who fired the first shots of the Revolutionary War? No one knows
What place was important for its location to attach Boston and/or the British warships? Breed's Hill
When Americans ran out of ammo, what did they use as bullets? Nails and glass
What do you call an American who remained loyal to the English government during the Revolutionary War? Loyalists
What do you call an American who joined the patriotic resistance to King George III? Whigs
Who was chosen to lead the American Army? George Washington
Describe the Boston Tea Party *Tea Act *Boston Tea Party *Mohawk Indians Intolerable Acts *The on set of the Revolution
Who was the author of Common Sense? Thomas Paine
In Common Sense, jthe author said people have a ___ right to rule themselves. Natural
Which group was excited to hear about the Declaration of Independence? Whigs
Hessians were hired soldiers used by the British. We call them what? Mercenaries
Which river flows into the ocean at New York City? Hudson
Which colony would be cut off from the others in the British controlled the Hudson? New England
Who was the British's long time enemy? France
___ replaced General Howe as commander of British's forces towards the end of the war. Clinton
___ betrayed the Americans and joined the British. Benedict Arnold
The American band play "Yankee Doodle" 10 miles outside of the original "colonial" ___. Jamestown
Why did France want Americans to win their independence? Britain was their main enemy.
How did France help the Americans before the treaty of alliance? They gave America supplies, support, and men for their army.
What was a popular military strategy Americans, such as General Greene, used effectively against the British? hit-and-run
written plan of gov. that includes laws and principles constitution
period of severe decline in business activity, usually marked by high levels of unemployment depression
supporters of the Constitution federalist
1st 10 amendments of the US Constitution bill of rights
to approve ratify
type of gov. in which representatives elected by the people hold power republican
opponents of the constitution antifederalist
patriotic feelings for one's country nationalism
rise in price levels resulting from and increase in the amount of money or a decrease in the amount of goods available for sale inflation
agreement in 1781 under which the 13 original colonies established a gov. of states articles of confederation
All constitutions were ___. democratic
The Articles of Confederation name the states a ___. League of Friendship
All land claims west of the ___ mountain range were given to the US central gov. Appalachian
The biggest fear most American held about governments was ___. Taxes
___ men were needed in a territory before they could draft a state constitution. 60,000
Ohio, INdiana, Michigan, and Wisconsin were all formed from what Ordinance? Northwest
What did Americans prefer instead of Continental Dollars? Hard Money
Who is the commander of the army and navy, in charge of foreign relations, appoints judges, and has the power to veto laws placed by congress? President
1st President: George Washington
1st Vice President: John Adams
Created by: rachelebrady