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History flash cards

Social Studies

Emancipation the freeing of enslaved people
Railhead A town where rail head tracks begin or end
Homestead A settler's home and land
draft government selection of people to serve in the military
state's rights the idea that states,not the government should make the final decisions about matters that effect the state
tarrif a tax on imported items
Harriet Tubman escaped slave woman who was called the Moses of her people she went back to the south 19 times to help slaves escape as a conductor of the under ground railroad.
sectional loyalty to one part of the country
slave state a state that allows slavery
free state a state that doesn't allow slavery
Morse code a cod e that sends messages easier and faster
transcontineal railroad that crosses a continent
cow hand led cattle to railroad where the cattle were shipped to eastern and northern hemispheres.
barbed wire a twisted wire with a sharp barb point every few inches
telegraph a machine that sends electric signals over wire telegraph lines
predjudice a negative or unfair opinion
cattle drive followed trails where water and grass were available
fugitive someone who runs away without trying to get caught
abolitionist someone who speaks up against slavery and tries to stop it
Harriet Beecher Stowe wrote the book "Uncle Tom's Cabin" to protest slavery and the fugitive slave law
John Brown he got a group together and protested around an army base
Dred Scott asked the supreme court to let him out of slavery legally
Confederacy the name chosen by the states that left the union at the time of the civil war
Casualty soldiers that were killed or wounded
Union another name for the US
Secession when a state decides to leave or remove their selves from something
Discrimination the unfair treatment of a particular group
Civil War a war between two groups or regions to achieve a goal
Fugitive Slave law if you saw a runaway slave you have to return him/her to his/her master
William Lloyd Garrison White abolitionist who wrote "The Liberator" an anti slavery newspaper
Fredrick Douglas Escaped slave who went to the North and became an abolitionist speaker
Popular Sovreignty the right of people the decide
Emancipation Proclmainmation a declaration that declares that on the first January all slaves will be free
Boreder States A state that has some slaves but is a union state; Missouri, Kentucky, Maryland, and Delaware
Sojourner Truth former slave woman who worked to end slavery and or women's rights.
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