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Hisory Exam '13

City-States Small isolated regions
Democracy Government by the people
Monarchy King or queen rule over a large group of people
Oligarchy Few people have power over a larger group of people
Tyrants Leader who seizes power by force
Zeus Master of entire world
Posidion God of Sea-Zues's brother
Hera Goddess of marraige-Zues's wife
Ares God of war-Zues's son
Phiddipidies Athenians fastest runner to get help from Sparta-140 miles away. Athenians beat the Persians at the Persians at the plain of Marathon-general sent him to run to Athens to spread good news. He delivered the news and died of exhaustion from the 2 runs.
Plaque Deadly diese that goes through Athens
Alliance An agreement
Socartes Questioned the meaning of life. Government felt he was teaching students to question the government. Arrested for currupting the youth and put on trail. He accepted his fate and did not lie or use piity. He was sentenced to use Hemlock.
King Phillip created new weapons (battering rams, catapults, and burning spears) and military formation. Made allies out of those he conquered and they joined his army. Athens was no match for the Macedonian army that Phillip had created. Phillip appreciated Athens so
Alexander The Great Defeats Tyre - gateway to Egypt (island that he had to conquer by creating the tower). Defeats Egypt - but they don’t put up a fight, made him a god. Heads to defeat Persia - takes out the naval bases along the coast because he didn’t have a strong navy
Hellenistic Greek-Like
Republic Citizens elect leaders to run government
Consuls were elected leaders by a citizen assembly and advised by a Senate
Patrician were members of the small number of wealthy Roman families
Plebians were the bulk of the population- artisans, shopkeepers and peasants
Debt Bondage when had to borrow money from the rich to survive
Helots State slaves-farmed land and recieved crops as payment
Hellenistic "Greek Like"
Created by: alliesachar
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