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Government in Europe


In this government one person holds all power; citizens have no role Autocracy
In this government the citizens can vote and affect the laws of their country Democracy
In this type of democracy, citizens elect their leader and members of the legislature Presidential Democracy
In this type of democracy, citizens elect members of the legislature and then the legislature selects the leader of the country Parliamentary Democracy
This type of king or queen is limited in power Constitutional Monarch
This is the branch of government that makes the law Legislative Branch or Legislature
This is the branch of government that carries out or enforces the laws Executive Branch
What type of government do Germany and the UK have? Parliamentary Democracy
This type of king or queen has complete control over the citizens Absolute Monarch
What type of government does Russia have? Presidential Democracy
What is the term for a legislature that has two houses which help approve laws? Bicameral
What are common terms used to describe the leader in a government with the greatest amount of power? Chief Executive or Head of Government
What is a common term used to describe a leader in a government who symbolically represents that government but has only ceremonial duties or is less powerful? Head of State
What is the title of the most powerful leader in Russia? President (Vladimir Putin)
What is the title of the chief executive in Germany? Chancellor (Angela Merkel)
Who selects the German chancellor? Parliament
What title does Queen Elizabeth II hold? Constitutional Monarch/Head of State
How would you describe the power of the Constitutional Monarchy in the UK? Very little power because it is a ceremonial position
Who is the chief executive (head of government) in the UK? Prime Minister (Borsi Johnson)
Who do voters choose in Germany and the UK? Members of Parliament (the legislature)
Who do voters get to choose in Russia? The president AND members of the legislature
Who can disband (break apart or dismiss) the legislature in Russia? the President
What are some alternative terms that can be used to describe an indirect democracy? Representative democracy or republic
What is a major difference in the way that the branches of government are organized in presidential versus parliamentary democracies? In presidential democracies the executive and legislative branches are separate (separation of powers) but in parliamentary democracies the executive and legislative branches are combined.
What is the term for the ability of one branch of government to limit the powers of another branch of government? Checks and balances
In which of the three countries (UK, Germany, or Russia) might you find more restrictions on citizen's personal freedom? Russia because of its more recent history as an autocracy
This branch of government interprets the laws Judicial branch (courts)
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