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Mid Terms

federalist those supporters of the constitution w/o a bill of rights/ strong fed. gov't.
Benedict Arnold traitor to Revolutionary cause
John Hancock president of the 2nd Continental Congress/ 1st to sigh Declaration of Independence
Ben Franklin patriot leader, statesman, inventor, etc.
anti-federalist apposed the approval of the constitution w/o a bill of rights
Daniel Shays patriot hero who lost his farm and rebelled against his state
Articles of Confederation original plan of gov't for the colonies
blockade closing of a port by natural power
Thomas Jefferson writer of the Declaration of Independence
Minutemen militia men ready at a minutes notice
monopoly complete control of the market on an item or service
boycott official refusal to use an item
alliance cooperation between 2 groups usually for purpose of protection
militia civilians that work w/ but not part of the regular army
George Washington "leader of rebels" and eventually 1st president
proprietary colony colony owned by a person or group where profits go to them
James Oglethorpe founder of the colony of Georgia
Representative gov't gov't where leaders are chosen by citizens
John Smith leader of Jamestown said "work or don't eat."
merchantilism idea that colonies were created to make a profit for home country
Queen Elizabeth queen of England in early age of exploration; made England 2 world power
circumnavigate sail around the world completely
conquistador Spanish explorer/ soldiers especially in "New" world
Pizarro conquistador of the Incas
Cortez conquistador of the Aztecs
plantation large farm where labor lie on the property
royal colony colony owned by king where profits also go to him
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