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trouble over taxes

from yellow packet (ch5 secs 3&4)

Stamp Act Put taxes on all legal documents (BA)
Stamp Act Congress Delegates fro colonies met up to fight against the stamp act
Sugar Act Put taxes on molasses, coffee and indigo
Quartering Act allowed British soldiers to stay and live in colonists home if they wished
No Taxation Without Representation colonists formed a boycott against the taxes which only made the tax higher
Sons and Daughters of Liberty Leader: Sam Adams they were totally against the British and started boycotts against British taxes
Townshend Act Put taxes on tea, glass, paper, paint and lead
Writs of Assistance Law was made to stop merchantsmuggling; British can inspect a ships cargo whenever this law was written
Non-Importation Agreements Colonists agreed not to important goods taxed by Townshend Act
Boston Massacre March 5, 1770, Colonists taunted British soldiers, colonists got chaotic, 5 people ended up shot, 4 people DIED
Committee of Correspondence Colonists spread news of Intolerable Acts, soon other colonies knew, South Carolina, Virginia and PA sent flower, rice and corn to Massachusetts
Tea Act taxes on British tea from the East India Company
Boston Tea Party December 16, 1773. Sam Adams and sons of liberty went on British ships and poured 1 million dollars worth of tea into the Boston Harbor
Intolerable Act King George enforced British soldiers to enforce four harsh laws. 1: Boston Harbor was closed. 2:forbade MA colonists to attend town meetings. 3: Colonists couldn't be out after sundown. 4: Passed a new quartering act that only applied to MA colonists
First Continental Congress Colonial leaders called meeting in Philadelphia, 12 delegates from 12 colonies became the first Continental Congress. Georgia was the only colony that didn't send a delegate
Midnight Ride Paul Revere got up at midnight and rode around the towns of Lexington and Concord to warm other colonists that the British were coming
Shot Heard Around the World At daybreak red coats reached Lexington, near Concord. British soldiers outnumbered the colonists militia. One shot rang and noone knows who it was from, war had begun and left 8 colonists dead and one wounded at the Common in Lexington
Patrick Henry Violent critic of British, made speeches in House of Burgesees, moved listeners to tears and anger, he quoted "Give me liberty, or give me death."
Mercy Otis Warren Published plays that made fun of British officals
Samuel Adams Cousins to John Adams, leader of Sons of Liberty, his best talent was organizing people and protests
John Adams Cousin of Samuel Adams. Skilled lawyer of knowledge and the law gained him respect
George Washington Member of Continental Congress. Gained fame as head of Continental Army, used to be wealthy Virginian surveyor and later became the first President.
Created by: scadwallader