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exam vocab. history

Magellan the first persone to circomenavigat the world
Columbus took 4 trips westward looking for an all water rout to asia
De Gama saild arould the tip of africa and established an all water route to india
Cortes he looked for the aztecs empire of gold that did not excist
Cabot tried to look for anall water route to aisa like columbus
Vespucci explored the coastof south america and got the credit for nameing North and south america
Starving time in Jamestown the winter of 1609-1910 were ther was no food and only 60 out of 500 lived
Colombian Exchange Exchanges between the New and Old Worlds of plants, animals, diseases
Cash crops crops raised to be sold for money
Indentured servant people work for a set amount of time for the people that pay for there trip
Compass rose tells you derection on a map
Scale tells you distenses on a map
Legend or key tells you what symbols mean on a map
Appalachian Mountains streches from eastern canada to Alabama
Fundamental Orders of Connecticut a constitution that extended voting rights and ideas of a representative gov.
Mayflower Compact a set rules to govern the new colony 41 people signed
Intolerable Acts a seires of laws enacted by parlement in 1774 to punish them for the bostin tea party. blocked there ports
William Bradford led jamestown after john smith left
John Smith the leader of jamestown
Representative government A form of government where the powers of the sovereignty are delegated to a body of men
Great migration When a bunch of people left england because they were tired of miss treatment
Quartering Act forced colonists to house soldies
Stamp Act had to put a stamp on all legal documents saying you payed a tax
Townsend Act suspended NY assymbly and put a tax on all goods coming in to the british colonies
Sugar Act put a tax on sugar and Molasses
Tea Act put a tax on tea
Navigation Acts had 4 major provisions designed to ensure that england got money from its colonies trade
Founding of Pennsylvania William Penn, a place for religious freedom
Founding of New York The Duke of York, for tading posts and money
Founding of Georgia James Ogtethorpe, for more land and a place for debters
Thomas Paine person who wrote common sence
Enlightenment a movement about reasoning and science(ben Franklin, John Loock)
Proclamation of 1763 forbade colonists from settling west of the Appl. Mt. (they faught for it they though they diserved it)
Boston Massacre A clash between British soldiers and Boston Colonists that ended with 5 people dead
Boston Tea Party the dumping of 342 chests of tea in the Boston Harbor
Taxation without representation a government imposes taxes on its citizens, despite the citizens not consenting or having an actual representative
Key grievances against King George III -he imposed many taxes -he burnt down many cities -made a war in his own gov.
George Washington The comander of the continental army
Benedict Arnold traiter of George washington
Nathanael Green general in the continental army
Patrick Henry An Antifederalist from Virgina
Battle of Lexington and Concord the first battles of the revoluionary war
Battle of Saratoga the turning point of he revolutiionary war( french helped us, and Benidict Arnald swiched sides)
Battle of Yorktown the last major battle of the revolutionary war
Winter at Valley Forge there was no food and and diseases that killed 1/4 of them
Treaty of Paris 1763 ended the french and indian war
Treaty of Paris 1783 ended the revolutionary war
Strategy an overal plan of action
Marquis de Lafayette a french boy that faught under comander Washington
Baron von Steuben taught washingtons men to fight
Bernardo de Galvez He protected the United States in the south and west and provided supplies.
Northwest Ordinance discribed how the north west tarritory would be governed
Land Ordinance discribed how the Northwest territory would be seperated
Northwest Territory land north west (Ohio, Indiana, Illinoi)
Magna Carta a document protecting englishmens rights approvedby king John in 1215
Alien and Sedition Acts it redused the power of recent imagrents to the US
Thomas Jefferson wrote the Constitution
James Madison father of the constitution (book worm)
John Adams a lawyer and cousin of Samual Adams
Federalism a system of gov. in which power is devided between the central gov. and the states
Constitutional Convention A meeting in Philidelphia in 1787(Goerge Washington, James Madison)
Individual rights a persons personal liberties and privilages
Popular Sovereignty where the people rule
Republicanism belife that people exersise their power by voting
Separation of Powers the division of basic rule into branches
Minuteman men thet were ready to fight at a moments notice
Loyalist an american colonist who supported the British in the american revolution
Writs of Assistance a search warent that allowed British officers to search colonial houses
Presidential Cabinet the presidents closest advisors
Federal Judiciary Act It helped creat a cout system and gave the suprem court 6 members
Hamilton’s Financial Plan ~america must repay our debts ~generae revonue by tariffs ~create a National Bank
Tariffs taxes on imported goods
Whiskey Rebellion e rbelion aginst the tax on whiskey that was the lively hood of back country farmers
Challenges Washington faced as president ~debt ~NA ~war between france and England wanting us to join
Political Party a group of people who try to promote ideas about the gov.
Unalienable Rights rights that cant be taken away
States’ Rights all rights not delegated to the federal gov.
Requirements to vote in the USA you need to be 18 or older and a citicen
great awakaning a revival of religios feeling in the American colonies(johnathin Edwards)
Reasons why the Americans won the Revolutionary War (advantages) have cause, fighting on there own lands, strong military leadership
Advantages of the British in the Revolutionary War Lots of men, well traind, supplies
2 physical phetures that aeperate the USA from the rest of the world Atlantic and pacific ocean
Jamestown Established 1607
Plymouth Established 1620
French and Indian War 1754-1763
US Constitution written 1787
Declaration of Independence 1776
Articles of Confederation adopted it in 1777 apeoved in 1781
What were the key crops and economics for the various regions of the 13 colonies? souther-cotton,tobbaco/middle-lumber, fishing,cattle/new englan-fishing, ship building,whaling
What were strengths and weaknesses of the Articles of Confederation? passed the land ordinance and the northwest ordinence/no power to tax,could not enforce laws
Compare and contrast the Virginia and New Jersey plans V-2 houses,strong national gov.,repesentive depend on population/NJ-1 house,weak national gov.,1representative per state
3/5ths Compromise? 3/5 of the slaves count as part of the population as tax perposes
Federalists people James madison,Alixander Hamilton
first 19 Amendments people rights
Compare and contrast the challenges of the presidencies of Washington and Adams -relationships with France -debt
Anti-federalist people Patric Henry,Geogre Mason
English Bill of Rights The English Bill of Rights limited the power of the English sovereign, and was written as an act of Parliament.
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