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Unit 6 Test

December 12 Unit 6 Test

What major U.S. city was captured and burned by the British during the War of 1812? Washington D.C.
How did Alexander Hamilton propose to pay off the remaining Revolutionary War debt? Taxes on whiskey
Who was Chief Justice of the Supreme Court from 1801-1835, and is responsible for establishing Judicial Review? John Marshall
What was the significant outcome of the Battle of New Orleans? Andrew Jackson's popularity grew, and he was greatly admired much more now.
In 1803, Thomas Jefferson did what, and how did it change the geography of the U.S.? Louisiana Purchase; it doubled the size of the U.S.
What was one issue that divided the Federalists and Anti-Federalists during the Early Republic? The power of the National Government and State Government
How did Alexander Hamilton hope to improve domestic industry? Tax on imports
Founding document of the American Foreign Policy, stated that the U.S. would not tolerate any European involvement in Latin America. Monroe Doctrine
What major achievement of the Articles of Confederation, allowed the western territory to develop into states as settlers moved westward? Northwest Ordinance
George Washington's farewell address is famous because he warned the young country of the threats he believed the country would face, what were the two main threats that Washington spoke of? 1. Debt 2. Permanent alliances with other countries
The Marbury vs. Madison Supreme Court case established what principle? Judicial Review
The Gibbons vs. Ogden Supreme Court case stated that only Congress had the authority to...? Control interstate commerce
Place these names under the appropriate headings: Alexander Hamilton, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison Expanding the power of Nation Government: Alexander Hamilton, John Adams Expanding power of state Government: Thomas Jefferson, James Madison
One of the major issues that cause the War of 1812 was the ______________ of American sailors by the British. Impressment
List the characteristics of the Early Republic Era: 1. Louisiana Purchase 2. War of 1812 3. Expanding National Power
List the challenges that our early leaders faced setting up the new country: Debt, Defining the power of the national government, protecting national security, and stabilizing the economy
The Judiciary Act established what? The federal court system
What controversial legislation passed during Adam's presidency greatly restricted citizen's rights to criticize the national government, and why was it considered a domestic issue? Alien and Sedition Acts; reduced political power of immigrants
What economic changes resulted in the War of 1812? -New clothing styles due to the developing of textile industry -The American System -Increased industrial production
What affect did the canal system have on the U.S. economy (specifically the Erie Canal)? Easy and cheap transportation
What was the XYZ affair, what two countries did it involve, and under whose presidency did it take place? Three French emissaries lied to the U.S. ambassadors saying they could not meet the French minister unless that paid France $250,000 and a $10 million loan. France and America; Adam's Presidency
Created by: eabowman