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Omnibus 2 Primary 1

First Semester of Omnibus 2 Primary

Canon The rule in which the books of Scripture were chosen in the early church to be a part of the actual Scriptures. This was very important in Eusebius
Gnosticism The idea that something in and of itself is inherently evil because it has been used for evil. An example could be a poisonous snake. This is not actually evil, it acts out of instinct and people may think it is evil. Eusebius.
Docetism The heresy that Jesus Christ was not a real human, but was a ghost and therefore did not actually die. Creeds
Nero The fifth Emperor of Rome during the time when Paul was writing his letter to the Romans, and was the most evil emperor in human history. He killed Christians for pleasure simply because they would not acknowledge him as God. Eusebius
Domitian One of the Twelve Caesars, was reigning in the time of the apostles, was not as bad as Nero, but was still a horrible emperor. Eusebius
Titus Was the Roman General who besieged Jerusalem in 70 A.D. and was discussed in Eusebius.
Origen The son of Leonidas, most famous theologians and Church fathers, going to very extreme measures to serve Christ. Talked about in Eusebius. Was brilliant.
Polycarp A christian martyr who couldn't be killed at first, burned at the stake after he gave his testimony and had seen it in a vision. Eusebius
Constantine The emperor who saved history in a way, and ended the persecution of the Early church. Eusebius.
Augustine Also known as the father of church history, he wrote many books and tried many different ways to get into heaven; he very much lived a party life, with girls, pagan gods, and anything else to get God's approval, was changed by Anthony of the Desert.
Monica The ever-praying mother of Augustine. Prays for his conversion to Christ and in the end, her prayers pay off.
Faustus He was the leader of the Manicheas and he didn't have a good foundation for his heresy. He liked to use circular reasoning to answer deeper questions.
Alypius Was a friend of Augustine's when he was younger, and was one of the ones who went with Augustine to steal the pears that they threw to the pigs.
Manchaeism The heresy that says that God is in everything, like the fruit. And when you eat it, you become God. Talked about in Confessions.
Anthony of the Desert A monk who was classified as a hermit and lived in the desert preparing for spiritual battles. Had a huge say against the heresies he fought and greatly influenced Athanasius.
Athanasius The writer of the book "On the Incarnation," was the Bishop of Alexandria for 45 years and spent 17 years in exile. He lived during the transition of Rome from a pagan empire to a Christian empire.
Arianism A heresy that says Jesus is the highest, most favored creature, but he is not God. This was talked about in the creeds.
Homoousios The Greek word that means "being of one substance with the Father." This is the actual word used in scripture. Discussed in the Creeds
Homoiousios The Greek word that means "Being of SIMILAR substance with the Father." The heretics tried to insert the I into there to fit with what they wanted.
Apollonarianism This heresy says that Jesus was a divine robot, he didn't have the free will choice that we had, but he was controlled by God. This heresy was also described in the Creeds
Nestorianism This Heresy says that Jesus is two people, not one, that one was a human and the other was God. Talked about in the Creeds
Eutychianism The heresy that Jesus is a mix between God and man and that he is not FULLY God and FULLY man. Discussed in the Creeds.
Christotokos The Greek way of saying that Mary was the mother of Christ, but not of God.
Theotokos The mother of God. This is mentioned in the Creeds. Mary was not just the mother of Christ, but the Eternal God.
Virgin Mary The mother of Jesus Christ, whom the catholics believe is an interceder for their prayers, and was mentioned in the Creeds.
Filioque A Latin addition to the Nicene Creed which means "in the Son" and that split the East and the West even further because it added to the Creed. The East had not consulted the West about it and just added it.
Pope Gregory the Great The pope/bishop in charge of the English and Roman church. Was a great spreader of the Gospel.
Augustine of Canterbury The missionary that Pope Gregory sent to England to spread the gospel in the pagan countries in Essex and Northumbria. This is not the same Augustine who wrote Confessions, was in Bede. Also cleaned the pagan temples instead of destroying them.
Alban Publicly declared himself a Christian in front of the prince and was martyred because of it. He was beaten and persecuted many times before he was actually martyred.
the Pallium The outer clothing that signified one who had church authority. Augustine of Canterbury received this from Pope Gregory the Great, the only one qualified to distribute them.
Pelagius A Briton heretic who was also the founder of the heresy that you didn't need Christ. He was very prideful.
King Ethelbert The King of Kent who was a pagan, but welcomed the Christians and asked them to preach as long as they wanted. He became a Christian and his daughter became a nun.
Alcuin An Irish monk who went with Caedmon to Britain as a missionary to spread the gospel.
Caedmon The poet who, when asked to sing in a dream did so and then told the church authorities, then became a monk and put scripture into songs.
St. Benedict of Nursia The guy who wrote down the law for the monks of the middle ages. Was a little bit wacked out in the head...
Beowulf The main character in Beowulf, he faces four different monsters in his life, he becomes king and reigns for 50 years. Is killed in the dragon fight and makes Wiglaf king after him.
Grendel The first monster who Beowulf defeats; a descendant of Cain who survived the flood because he was an underwater creature. Tries to take over Heroet Hall.
Hrothgar The king of the Danes, cannot defend himself and his people from Grendel.
Wiglaf The faithful nephew of Beowulf, he stays by his side in Beowulf's last battle and then becomes king after Beowulf.
Hygelac The king of the Geats, before Beowulf was king, received the treasure-haul that Beowulf had received after killing Grendel.
Charlemange Also known as Charles the Great, was the emperor of the Franks in the Song of Roland, and doesn't always listen to the wisest council.
Roland The main character in the Song of Roland; a brash young fellow who is sometimes too prideful. In the end, this caused him and the rest of his rearguard their lives.
Ganelon The stepfather of Roland, a Frank, and a traitor. Ganelon gives up the life of his stepson for money, wealth and fame in the eyes of the enemies.
Aude The beautiful, faithful fiance of Roland and Oliver's sister; dies when she hears that Roland is dead.
Marsilion The evil king of the Saracens who always breaks his promises and is a helper in the murder of Roland. From the Song of Roland
Blancandrin The sly advisor of Marsilion, he is the one who plots the attack on Charlemange and the murder of Roland
Aelroth The "evil twin" of Roland, Marsilion's nephew and Roland's cousin who is very brash, crude and prideful.
Where do the Creeds say Christ is now? The Creeds say that Christ is at the right hand of God the Father in Heaven.
What do the Creeds teach about who Jesus is? The Creeds teach us that Jesus is who he says he is and that
Describe the early stages of Augustine's career in Britain, according to Bede. Augustine's early career in Britain was spent first getting permission from the king to preach there and then he had quite the chore of cleansing the temples and making them Christian churches instead of pagan temples
What is the main goal of discipline according to Bede? The main goal of discipline for a monk is that he will be able to go and live the life of a hermit and serve God in this way.
How were disobedient monks to be disciplined in the Rule of St. Benedict? Disobedient monks were to be disciplined by the Abbot of the monastery. If the monk chooses not to follow the Abbot's orders, then he will be excommunicated.
In Beowulf, where did Grendel come from? In Beowulf, Grendel came from the cursed race of Cain. The writer depicts Cain as a monster who lives in the water, so we could guess that is how he survives the flood.
What weapon does Beowulf refuse to use against Grendel, and why? Beowulf refuses to use a sword against Grendel because Grendel doesn't fight with weapons. He fights with his hands. And that is what Beowulf decides to use.
What four major conflicts does Beowulf face in his lifetime? The four major conflicts that Beowulf faces in his lifetime are Grendel, Grendel's mother, the sea monster and the dragon.
Created by: BDuShaw
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