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Roaring 20s

Leopold and Loeb Two teenagers who were extremely smart Killed Loeb's second cousin Almost got away with it but investigators found Leopold's glasses
Car industry Henry Ford-- Ford Introduced assembly line Lowered prices and increased wages Shortened work day Car for everyday people Alfred Sloan--GM Advertising to his advantage Luxury cars yearly model
Movie industry 50 million a week Hollywood released approx 700 movies a year "The Jazz Singer" was the first talkie (Al Johnson) Sex goddess- Greta Garbo Hot blooded lover- Rudolph Valentino Slapstick- Charlie Chaplin, Buster Keaton
Harding's Cabinet good Charles E. Hughes- Sec of State Hoover- sec of commerce Andrew Mellon- sec of treasury
Harding's Cabinet bad Harry Daughtery- attorney general (political manager) - personal aide committed suicide Charles Forbes- veterans bureau head (WWI draft dodger) - his general council committed suicide - fled the country when convicted of stealing bureaus funds
Teapot done scandal Albert Fall (sec of interior) Leased gov oil reserves in Teapot Dome Scandal in Teapot Dome,WY to 2 oilmen for $400,000 bribe Convicted and sent to jail
Kellogg-Briand Pact "Pact of Paris" Outlawed war Only wars of aggression were covered under the pact 15 nations
Washington Naval Conference Worlds largest naval powers gathered in Washington to discuss disarmament to relieve growing tensions in east Asia Stop rising Japanese militarism
Five-Power Treaty US, GB, Japan, France, Italy Cornerstone of the naval disarmament program Each country involved maintain a set ratio of warship (US and GB get 500,000; Japan 300,000; France and Italy 175,000) 5:5:3 ratio Larger because they have two oceans to protect
Four-Power Treaty US, GB, France, Japan Consult with eachother in the event of a future crisis in E Asia before taking action Replaced the Anglo-Japanese treaty of 1902
Nine-Power Treaty Marked the internationalization of the open door policy Recognized Japanese dominance in Manchuria but acknowledged the importance of equal opportunities of countries seeking to do business there Called for consultations in the event of a violation
Recession Right after WWI gov stops being the #1 consumer Laissez faire
Ailing agriculture First sign of an upcoming depression European farms began to grow again, army shrunk, no food demand. Raised tariffs
Booming business New products Assembly line Rethinking management Smaller world No war time guilt (can sell fun)
GOP Continues federal gov control since 1896 Wilson got them untoward Wilson was hated Want to go back to how it was before the war
1920s President conservatism Support for big businesses Slight repudiation of progressive era changes
Party bases Republican-- northern farmers, businessmen, blacks Democratic-- white south, immigrant cities
Trickle Down Theory Tax cuts for wealthy-- wealthy invest in business-- businesses hire(economy stimulated)-- EVERYONE BENEFITS-- works when times are good
Warren G Harding
Created by: alengner