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U.S.History mid-term

Colonial American test questions

The Viking explorer that is considered to be the first European to set foot on North American soil. Leif Ericson.
Which was not part of the Columbian exchange: Currency, Animals, Plants, or diseases? Currency.
John Cabot's voyage was a failed attempt to sail around the world, find a Northwest passage, find the lost colony of Roanoke, or look for a spot for a successful British colony. find a Northwest Passage.
Which groups would have been likely to settle in New France? fur traders, missionaries, fisherman, or all of the above. all of the above.
What best describes a joint-stock company? A group of people who pool their money to fund a colony..
The British explorer who founded the famous "lost colony" of Roanoke? Raleigh.
The first successful British colony in the New World? Jamestown.
What were some problems Jamestown settlers faced when they first landed? They settled in a mosquito-infested area, they did not plant crops, or Many settlers weren't used to hard labor.
What contribution is John Rolfe best known for? He introduced a better tasting West Indian strain of tobacco to Jamestown.
This man led a revolt against Jamestown and Governor Berkeley. Nathaniel Bacon.
What did the Puritans want to do? Remove "Catholic influences" from the Anglican Church.
What finally ended the Salem Witch Trials? The governor finally ordered an end to the trials and executions.
What was the purpose of the Mayflower Compact? THe Pilgrims agreed to follow whatever laws they created.
This Indian helped the Pilgrims by teaching them how to farm as well as improving their relations with other Indian tribes. Squanto
Which was named governor of the Massachusetts Bay colony. WInthrop
Anne Hutchinson and roger williams could best be described as what. dissenters from accepted religious ideas.
Which colony was established as a "haven" for Catholics? Maryland
Why did King Charles II give William Penn a land grant for Pennsylvania? Charles owed Penn's father a large debt, and gave Penn the land grant as payment.
What does the name Philadelphia mean? "City of Brotherly Love"
a system of land distribution best describes which system? the headright system
What is "mercantilism?" A political and economic policy
What person is most closely identified with the Great Awakening? George Whitefield
What ended the French and Indian War The Treaty of Paris
What happened as a result of the French and Indian War? Land in England held in the New World doubled in size, England was deeply in debt because of fighting in the war, or Native Americans lost a key ally when the French left.
Created by: Nate7764900