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WWI YEARS 1914 to 1918
1917 Year US joined WWI
ALLIED POWERS Serbia, Russia, France, & Britain
CENTRAL POWERS Austria-Hungary, & Germany
CAUSES OF WWI Militarism, Alliances, Nationalism (Extreme), & Imperialism
"POWDER KEG OF TENSIONS" Many aspects of people of saying they are better and the government were making military alliances with each other.
MILITARISM The policy of building up strong armed forces to prepare for war.
MILITARISM CAUSE for WWI To make their armies stronger
ALLIANCES Friendship between two countries. Formed to protect themselves.
ALLIANCES CAUSE FOR WWI To protect their countries. Made their forces stronger by combining nations.
NATIONALISM (EXTREME) Pride in one's nation.
NATIONALISM CAUSE FOR WWI To have bragging rights to say who is better. Fueled by tension by creating the superior right to conquer.
IMPERIALISM One person (country) tries to conquer everything ("World Bully")
IMPERIALISM CAUSE FOR WWI People wanted to get more land. Fueled rivalries between two nations
FINAL SPARK Assassination of the Archduke Franz Ferdinand by a serbian terrorist group while in Bosnia . They were angry because they wanted Bosnia to break away from Austria-Hungary and join Serbia.
REMAIN NEUTRAL US foreign policy when war began
US GOT INVOLVED IN WWI Submarine Warfare, Sinking of the Lusitania, Zimmerman Telegram, Propaganda, Russian Revolution, & Wilson (To Make the World Safe for Democracy)
SUBMARIN WARFARE Germany did not want the US aiding Britain so they blew up the ships. This violated "Freedom of the Seas" - can't attack a neutral ship. Can only stop and search.
SINKING OF THE LUSITANIA Was a British passenger ship that the Germans torpedo off the coast of Ireland. US was angered because there was 128 Americans on board the ship.
ZIMMERMAN TELEGRAM Germany asked Mexico to attack the US and if they joined the war, the Germans would help Mexico regain lost land. Telegram was intercepted by Britain and the US was angry that Germany tried to get a neutral country to join war against US.
PROPAGANDA The spreading of ideas to help or hurt a cause (a wartime advertisement). This made Americans determined to win the War.
RUSSIAN REVOLUTION Russian dictator was overthrown and this made the US less hesitant to join the Allies.
SAFE FOR DEMOCRACY Woodrow Wilson - He felt that if we didn't stop Germany's actions, most of Europe would no longer be democratic anymore.
Created by: desilva13