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ch. 2 sec 5

What had the greatest effect on American mass culture in the late 1800s? Consumers
What two newspaper publishers competed for readers in New York? William Randolph Hearst and Joseph Pulitzer
What is Ragtime? African-American songs and European musical forms blended together
What is Vaudeville? Popular form of live entertainment mixed song, dance, and comedy
What union allowed women and African Americans to join? Knights of Labor
What was The Chinese Exclusion Act? It was the result of prejudice and increased opposition to immigration
What was the Social Gospel Movement? it was based on Christian values and led by Protestant Ministers
What did the Skyscraper do? Create more work and living space
What type of organization controls a local government Political Machine
Tammany Hall Illegal gang gained control of government in NYC
Depression a period of extremely low economic activity
trust a legal body created to hold stock in many companies
Lewis Latimer African-American inventor
Gilded Age late 1800s era of fabulous wealth for a few
Carnegie his company dominated the U.S. steel industry
Who was the founder of the Standard Oil Trust? Rockefeller
Who was the inventor of the telephone? Thomas edison
What is a business owned by investors who by stock? Corporation
What are Patents? exclusive rights to make and sell an invention
A business leader who uses dishonest methods Robber Baron
What is a pattern of good and bad economic times? Depression
A business that gains control of an industry by putting competitors out of business? Monopoly
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