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Moose-Amer Revol

American Revolution

Who would say, "The King is a tyrant!" Patriot
What future president was a young boy during the Revolution and refused to shine a British soldier's boots? Andrew Jackson
Who would say, "Let's take Charles Town from those rebels!" Loyalist
Who was promised land that was taken from them if they helped the British defeat the colonists? Native Americans
Who was promised freedom if they helped the British defeat the colonists? slaves
Which group, Patriot or Loyalist, didn't want any interference in their lives? Loyalist
Which battle was the turning point of the entire American Revolution? Saratoga
Which battle was the turning point of the war in South Carolina? Kings Mountain
Why did the British try the strategy of going to the south in order to defeat the colonists? To gain support from the Loyalists
What saved the fort near Sullivan's Island for the Patriots? Palmetto logs and British ships ran aground
What happened after the siege of Charles Town that made many people to join the Patriot side? British mistreatment of the colonists and confiscated property
What was the cause of the colonial defeat at Camden? unprepared and ran away
Why is the Battle of Kings Mountain considered a civil war? Loyalist South Carolinians were fighting Patriot South Carolinians
What did the British do after the defeat at Kings Mountain?t Left the interior of SC
What did the British do after the victory at Eutaw Springs? Started evacuating SC
What was the Patriot strategy at the Battle of Cowpens? Divide, attack, retreat, another group attack, retreat
Why did SC have more skirmishes during the war than any other colony? Many Loyalists to aid the British
What did women in SC do during the Revolution? Nurses and messengers
What group were most helpful in driving the British from SC? Militia
What did Partisan leaders in SC do that was effective against the British? Surprise attacks and destroyed supply lines
Created by: camoose