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History Terms

History Term

Christopher Columbus Funded by Spain, was sent to find a path to Asia, discovering the New World
The Colombian Exchange A trade of goods and ideas between the eastern and western hemispheres
Social Classes in New Spain Conquistadors: Full Spain, sent to find riches and gold Peninsulare- Full Spain, had the best jbos in New Spain Creole- American born Spaniard, Had craft works jobs Mestizo- Native American and Spain mix, worked on farms and could not go higher
Hernando Cortez Conquered Aztecs
Bartolome de las Casas Started the Atlantic Slave Trade
Samuel de Champlain Founded New France and made peace w/ Native Americans. Founded Port Royal
The Fur Trade The Rivalry between the Dutch and French for fur and trade with the Native Americans
House of Burgesses First Signs of a representative Gov. in the new world
Jamestown First successful settlement in the america's Founded off of Tobacco
Plymouth 1st Religious settlement Cape Cod, MA Created the Mayflower Compact
Mayflower Compact Continued example of Representative Gov. Adult Males elected governor and council
Debtor People who cannot repay their debts
Slave Code The idea that slaves are property and have no human rights
Mercantilism Theory that a nation becomes stronger by commanding trade
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