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Chapter 5 Test

Who drew the join or die political cartoon? Ben Franklin
The law that ordered colonists not to move west of the Appalachian Mountains was Proclamation of 1763
The Stamp act was a tax on... legal/printable documents
___ was a tax on molasses,coffee and indigo The Sugar Act
The author of plays that made fun of the British troops and policies was Mercy Otis Warren
A Virginia lawyer who gave speeches to protest British policies Patrick Henry
No taxation without ______! Representation
The _________ was a group of men and women that organized protests, rallies and boycotts. Sons and Daughters of Liberty
What act passed by Parliament required colonists to provide British soldiers with blankets, utensils, lodging and food? The Quartering Act
A formal written request to someone in power is called ____ A petition
What was the Stamp Act Congress? 9 colonists send delegates to NYC to protest
What colonies didn't participate in the Stamp Act Congress? Virginia,North Carolina,Georgia, and New Hampshire
Who as Samuel Adams? He was the leader of the Sons of Liberty and the Boston Tea Party
Who was John Adams? He was a skilled lawyer many thought he was arrogant.
What were sam and john adams to one another? Cousins
Where were John and Sam adams from? Massachusetts
What were the Non-importation Agreements? The Colonists agree not to import gods taxed by Townshend Acts
The Townshend Act was a tax on... Glass,Paper,Paint,Lead,Tea
What was the Writs of Assistance? It allowed British officials to inspect a ships cargo.
What was the Boston Massacre? It was the killing of 5 colonists by British regulars.
When was the Boston Massacre? March 5th, 1770
Proclomation of____...? 1763
Treaty of Paris____? 1763
What was the Committee of Correspondence? A group of people organized by Sam Adams to write letters to keep other colonies informed.
The tea act was created to? Help the British East India Tea Company
What was the Boston Tea Party? Members of the Sons of Liberty board ships and split open tea chests into the Boston Harbor
When was the Boston Tea Party? December 16th,1773
What were the Intolerable Acts? They were created by Britain to punish MAss. for the tea party. They closed down ports in Boston, No more Town Meetings,they revised the Quartering Act.
What was the midnight ride? Paul Revere and 2 others (Prescott and dawes) send out word of British Movement.
Where was the "Shot heard round the world"? In Lexington and Concord, Massachusetts
What was the "Shot heard round the world?" First fighting between British and colonial minutemen
What is a repeal? to cancel a law
Boycott? To refuse to buy certain good and services
Militia? Army of citizens who serve as soldiers during an emergency
Created by: akarajic