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ch 6 vocab

bessemer process technique used to make steel from iron
Thomas Edison inventor of the light bulb
Christopher Sholes inventor of the typewriter
Alexander Graham Bell Inventor of the telephone
transcontinental railroad a railroad that crosses the entire country
George M. Pullman Inventor of the sleeping car
Cre'dit Mobilier Name of company involved in stealing of railroad money
Munn vs. Illinois Court case that gave government right to regulate private industry
interstate commerce Law granting Congress authority to regulate railroad activities
Andrew Carnegie Scottish immigrant who became a giant in the steel industry
vertical integration Process in which a company buys out its suppliers
horizontal consolidation Process in which companies producing similar products merge
social darwinism Theory that taught only the strong surveyed
monopoly Situation in which one company controlled an entire industry
holding company Corporation that bought out the stock of other companies
John Rockefeller Head of Standard Oil Company
trust Corporation formed by separate companies
Sherman Antitrust Act Law that outlawed trusts
Samuel Gompers Union Leader, Leader of American Federation of Labor (AFL)
American Federation of Labor (AFL) Name of union led by Gompers
collective bargaining negotiations between groups
Eugene V. Debs Leader of the American Railway Union
socialism System based on government control of business and property
scab replacement worker
Mother Jones A leader of the mine workers union
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