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Native Americans

Assimilate Term used to describe the absorption of Native Americans into American landowners and citizens. Breaking up reservations into indiviual allotments, where families could become self-supporting.
Dawes Act Law passed in 1887. Gave NA families 160 acres of land for farming, single adults 80 acres, 40 acres for children. Land remaining sold to American Settlers. Plan FAILED!
Why did the Dawes Act fail? Lack of enthusiasm for farming, allotments too small to be profitable, too attached to their reservations.
Indian Peace Commission 1867-Created two large reservation on the Great Plains, one for the Sioux and another for southern Plains Indidans. Run by federal govt. Bureau of Indian Affairs. Army given authority to deal with groups that refused to report or remain there.
Wounded Knee 1890-Lakota Sioux reservation. Sitting Bull had returned from Canada, govt. sent police to arrest him, fighting broke out. SB killed. Participants of Ghost Dance fled to Wounded Knee Creek. Deadly battle. 25 soldiers dead. 200 Lakota men,women,children
Battle of Little Bighorn 1 Custer launched this attack on the Lakota for leaving the reservation in the Black Hills and going to the Bighorn mountains to hunt. It was the largest group of NAs ever assembled on the Great Plains! NAs killed many soldiers, so campaign was stepped up.
Battle of Little Bighorn 2 Sitting Bull fled to Canada, other Lakota were forced to return to the reservation and give up the Black Hills. *Went to Bighorn because fortune hunters overrran the Lakota Sioux reservation to mine gold in the Black Hills.
Created by: Igroc