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Chapter 11 Test

Who was the first emperor of the Byzantine Empire? Emperor Justinian
What were the three main things that Justinian accomplished? He rebuilt the capital city of Constantinople, rebuilt the church of Hagia Sophia and had a reform of law or Justinian's code which unified the empire.
What was the affect of the plague on Constantinople? The disease killed and weakened a large number of the people living in the Byzantine Empire.
What were four reasons why the Byzantine Empire was so successful? It had a strong central government, peasants made the empire function by working the land, paying taxes and providing soldiers for the military.
What were the two churches that were created after the original church split during the Great Schism? Eastern Christianity: Greek Orthodox and Western Christianity: Roman Catholicism
Which church eventually banned the use of icons or holy images? Eastern Christianity: Greek Orthodox
Which church did not allow the marriage of clergy where the Pope had authority? Western Christianity: Roman Catholicism
What was invented so that Slavic people could read the Bible in their own languages and who created it? The Cyrillic alphabet and Saint Cyril invented it.
What were the three regions of Russia? The north where farming was difficult, the south where the land was excellent for farming and the southern steppe which allowed nomads to migrate from Asia into Europe.
Who were the group of people that migrated into southern Russia that came from a region to the northwest who had organized clans and villages? The Slavs
Who were the people that forced payment from the Slavs, had successful trade with Constantinople and developed a central trade network in the city of Kiev? The Vikings
Who was the Prince that made Eastern Orthodox Christianity the religion of the Rus (a tribe), and aligned his kingdom politically and culturally with the Byzantine Empire? Prince Vladmir
Who set up close ties between the church and state, controlled the Church like the Byzantine Emperors, made the Church dependent on the state, and the Russian Orthodox Church became central focus of state power? Vladmir's son Yaroslav the Wise
What was the Golden Horde? Mongol armies that looted and burned Kiev which killed a large population of Russia.
What did the absolute power of the Mongols serve as? It served as a model for future Russian rulers because Russian princes developed a strong desire to centralize their own power without nobles, the clergy or wealthy merchants interfering.
Who built a framework for absolute power, tried to limit the power of boyars and was a cruel ruler? Ivan IV or Ivan the Terrible
When Ivan the Terrible died, what did he leave behind? He left behind a legacy of a land full of rebellion and introduced Russia to a tradition of absolute power.
What military became powerful in the Abbasid empire? The Turkish military
What people migrated to the Abbasid Empire and captured Baghdad from the Persians? The Seljuks
Who won the Battle of Manzikert in 1071? The Turkish military defeated the byzantines
What group of people admired Persian learning and had looked to Persians for culture and religion after they adopted Islam traditions? The Turks
What was the counterattack that the the West began against the Turks and other Muslims for control of the Holy Land? The Crusades
What were the two groups of people that fought during the Crusades to capture the Holy Land? The Crusaders and Muslims
What did Kurdish captain Saladin and King Richard I of England do? They signed a truce which agreed to give Jerusalem to Muslims but gave Western pilgrims access
The Mongols grew into a unified group and conquered China under what ruler? Genghis Khan
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