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Test on Thursday

Writs of Assistance Legal document that lets officials inspect a ships cargo without a reason
Boycott To refuse to buy certain goods and services
Militia Army of citizens who serve as soldiers during an emergency
Non-important agreements Promise to stop importing goods taxed by the british
Repeal to cancel a Law
Petition Formal written request to someone in authority
Committees of Correspondence Organization of colonist who wrote letters and pamphlets protesting British actions
Patrick Henry Wrote speeches and has a famous speech with the words "give me liberty or give me death"
Boston Massacre When British soldiers shot 5 Colonist
Sugar Act Tax on molasses,coffee, and indigo
Quartering Act British soldiers are allowed to stay in British troops can live in colonist's homes and the colonist have to provide them with bedding and other needs
Stamp Act Tax on printable documents
Stamp Act Congress 9 colonies send Delegates to Albany to protest and write petitions
Mercy Otis Warren Published plays that made fun of the British
Samuel Adams Arranged Protest and was one of the leaders of Sons of liberty
Townshend Act Put taxes on glass, paper, paint, led, and tea
Tea Act To help the British East Indian tea company get out of its debt
Boston Tea Party Colonist board ships and dump tea into the Boston Harbor
Intolerable Acts The King punished Boston for the Tea party and closed down all the harbors, no more town meetings
First Continental Congress Delegate from 12 colonies went to Philadelphia and set up more boycotts, and a militia
Midnight Ride Paul revere and to other guys went out to give word of the British movement to concord and Lexington
"Shot heard round the world" First fight between America and British
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