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Q2 Test

2nd nine weeks test

It is said that the citizens of the United States elect the president. In reality, which body casts the official vote? the Electoral College
Out of freedom of religion, right to bear arms, freedom of assembly, and right to free speech, which guarantee is NOT included in the First Amendment? right to bear arms
The Supreme Court heard a case where students were were suspended by wearing armbands to protest a war. The Court sided with the students saying that they had a right to express themselves. Which power of the judicial branch was exercised in this case? the power of judicial review
According to Thomas Jefferson and James Madison, what was the most serious flaw in Alexander Hamilton's plan for a national bank? The federal government lacked the authority to create a national bank, making the bank unconstitutional.
What was a major policy of Andrew Jackson's presidency? the forced relocation of Native Americans
The First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution includes freedoms of.... speech/expression, religion, press, right to petition, right to assemble peacefully.
Which of the following is NOT a shared power: collect taxes, establish courts, make and enforce laws or establish post offices? establish post offices
The Missouri Compromise had a significant effect on the United States because it... prohibited slavery north of Missouri's southern border
The Supreme Court's decision in the 1803 case Marbury v. Madison is an example of... checks and balances
Which federal agency is primarily responsible for overseeing U.S. foreign policy? Department of the State
Under the system of checks and balances, each branch of government has roles that check the other two branches. One example of how the legislative branch checks the executive branch is... approving cabinet appointments
A meeting at which a political party selects its presidential and vice presidential candidate is a... nominating convention
If there were 11 free and 11 slave states before the Missouri Compromise and 12 free and 12 slave states after the Missouri Compromise, what can you tell from the results? The Missouri Compromise kept the number of free states and slave states in balance.
Which best describes why Napoleon sold the Louisiana Territory to the United States? He needed money to pay off debts to Great Britain.
Federalism is best described as a system in which... power is balanced between a central government and state governments.
If individuals must be able to support themselves financially, be 18 or older, obey the laws and Constitution, and pass a series a tests, what are these requirements for? process of becoming a naturalized citizen
Out of the following, which is NOT a qualification for president: being at least 35, natural-born citizen, resident for at least 14 years or being male? being male
In the 1820's representatives from the northern states agreed with raising tariffs on imported goods. Why did they do that? Raising tariffs on imports would raise the prices of imported goods and therefore improve the sales of American made goods in the United States.
In 1998, California had forty-five representatives in the U.S. House of Representatives while Louisiana had seven. What accounts for the difference in these numbers? population of the states
The era surrounding the presidency of Andrew Jackson is best known for an expansion in... voting rights
What is the best way to describe a republic? The people elect representatives to make policy decisions for them.
Because of the warm climate and rich soil of the south, the southern economy came to rely on.... agriculture
What is the best way to describe the Monroe Doctrine? The United States considers the entire Western Hemisphere under its sphere of influence.
The United States went to war with Britain in 1812 for what reasons? to stop trade restrictions against American merchants, to end British influence among Indian groups and to protect the rights of U.S. ships on the high seas.
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