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The Celts

Footsteps in Time Chapter 5

What did women wear in Celtic Ireland Long, loose-fitting dresses
What did men wear at this time Long Tunics and Bracae (trousers)
Name the vegetables and animals farmed Vegetables- onions, turnips and beans Animals- Sheep, cattle, pigs
Name the type of housing from the following description: Built on high ground surrounded by numerous banks and ditches. Used when village under attack Hillfort
Crannogs were used in Celtic Ireland, what other time in history were they used in? The Bronze Age
Describe a Promontory Fort Built on the edge of a cliff. Walls around the fort called ramparts. Area around the fort covered in rocks (chevaux de frise) used to slow horses
Hillforts were similar to these: Ringforts
Forts made of stone: Caiseal/Caher
Ordinary Forts: Dun, Rath, Lios.
List the Celtic higherarky Deirbhine (Ard Ri) Nobles Aos Dana Commoners/farmers Slaves
Explain Celsine In return for protection, you would pay nobles in case if something were to happen.
List the people of the Aos Dana Druids, Brehons, File, Smith, Carpenter.
How would one become a slave Slaves were captured on raids of other Tuath. Desperate parents might sell their children into slavery.
With what material did Smiths and Carpenters work with Smiths- metals Carpenter-timber
Why were boat- builders so important in Celtic Ireland The were no real roads so sailing was the main mode of transport
What shapes were typical of La Tene design Spirals, 'c's, 's'
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