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francais English

friend ami
number chiffre
fly mouche
piano piano
dad papa
small petit
doll poupee
done fini
rich riche
pineapple ananas
ant fourmi
finish finir
pretty joli
fast vite
dog house niche
movie film
laugh rire
black noir
rooster coq
mousse mousse
feather plume
wolf loup
horse cheval
neck cou
day journee
chicken poule
yo-yo yo-yo
door porte
hive ruche
wall mur
bicycle velo
bear ours
noon midi
mustard moutarde
kitten chatton
plane avion
monster monstre
three trois
star etoile
goat chevre
truck camion
four quatre
brother frere
night soir
drawer tiroir
arrow fleche
child enfant
light lumiere
toque tuque
parent parent
hare lievre
head tete
window fenetre
baby's bottle biberon
soap savon
sand sable
mouth bouche
table table
student eleve
mil moulin
cow vache
beast bete
Created by: Soren1