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History Exam 3

Homestead Acts Give Applicant's ownership for cheap, In US, Pres. Abraham Lincoln signed into law, developed land in the west
Teddy Roosevelt Theodore Roosevelt, 26th President, Born Oct. 27, 1858, Died January 6, 1919, pres. 1901-1909, born New York city,Pres. McKinley assassinated, Youngest President.
Social Darwinism Political Leaders, Natural Selection, 1800, the poor would hurt the country as a whole.
Muckrakers Wrong exsposers, Watch-dog Mentality, 1900-World War 1, Fix problems in america.
Andrew Johnson 17th Pres. (1865-1868, restored the Union, failed as pres.
Freedman's Bureau O.O. Howard, establish schools, provide aid to poor and aged, settle disputes between whites and blacks, South, 1865-1870,
Created by: lukeba