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PSAT Prep [7.3]

Vocabulary for Week 7 Day 3 of PSAT Preparatory

anathema under a solemn ban or curse, usually by ecclesiastical authority
apparition ghost, specter, phantom
catholic universal; broad and comprehensive
cavalier carefree, happy; with lordly disdain
concave curving inward
contemned despised, scorned, treated with contempt
decimate to select by lot and kill every tenth one of; to destroy or kill a large part of
disband to break up
expound to elaborate; to expand or increase
impotent powerless, ineffective, lacking strength
meddler person interfering in other's affairs
pristine untouched, uncorrupted
propitious favorable, of good omen, advantageous
raucous disagreeably harsh, strident; harsh-sounding; boisterous
repercussion a reaction from something done or said, opposition
sinuous winding, bending in and out; intricate; complex
solidarity unity based on common aims or interests
sordid filthy; contemptible and corrupt
succinct compressed, concise, brief but full of meaning; terse
survey to examine in a comprehensive way
Created by: alicewithlove
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