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The middle ages.

The middle ages study.

a piece of land owned by the king Fief
hierarchy kings, lords/chiefs/barons, knights, pesants
what is a knight full time soldiers who fought for nobles and kings.
what is a peasant at the bottom of the feudal system, tied to the land
who lived in castles most important people, kings and nobles, housed their families, servants and soldiers.
where was a safe place to go when under attack castle
what else were castles used as prison, court, also housed festivals and banquets.
what is the name of a hill in a motte and bailey motte
what is the name of the courtyard in a motte and bailey bailey
what is the name of the deep ditch surronding the motte and bailey moat
what was the name of the large castle in a stone castle? keep
what was their version of the toilet garderobe, a wooden seat.
what was the most important room in the keep? the great hall
what else was the hall used as court
what else did the keep have dungeons and prisons
what is the name of the small squaes on top of the castle walls turrets
what were the gaps in the wall called battlements.
what is the name of the metal gate used over the drawbridge portculis
what was the name of a fortified gatehouse barbican
another name for catapault mangonels
who did the lord and lady have to look after them? servants
what was the lords jobs? make sure taxes are paid, nights remained loyal,acted as judge
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